Sunday, 6 September 2009

WCOOP days 2 & 3 review

Day 2 of wcoop events was pretty much a washout, I had a semi deep run in the $200 PLO, finishing 150th ish from a 2400 field. For some reason I played the NL 2-7 single draw event as well but was way out of my depth. There was also a $109 8 game event that started OK but i never got going properly and the structure was very fast and i bust quite early on. For the whole session I final tabled 2 tournaments, the $100r on stars, and the $30r on full tilt. I was first out on the final of the $30r but faired much better on the $100r, getting a nice cooler early doors for a massive pot and never looking back. I ended up winning the whole thing with no chops for $27989.

Today was going very badly at the start and came close to quitting the session early doors because i was very tired and busting out of everything. Perseverance paid off though as the later tournaments proved to be very fruitful. I made 4 final tables in total, the UB $100k, the full tilt $75f/o, $30r and $163 f/o. I was first out of the $75 final and 2nd out of the $30r final. I came 2nd in the tilt $150f/o for around $11k or so and ended up winning the UB tournament with the aid of a chop for $21655. A pretty amazing couple of days result wise and hopefully i keep this run good up throughout the wcoop series. So, with 6 final tables and 2 wins it adds a fair amount to the charity prizepool, please keep the suggestions coming for possible charities as well. About to crash now before a full Sunday schedule tomorrow including the $10k hi roller event, :-)

Current total for charity - $3081.75 :-)


Tinca Tinca said...
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Tinca Tinca said...

Ship ship - good luck finding that triple crown

woodie said...

Awesome stuff mate and great to see you updatding blog a bit more keep it up!
GL to you and moorman in high roller tonight go deep for uk obv.
by the way what is your fulltilt name havnt seen it mentioned. You have sick results lately moorman blat worried ;)

badcallthat said...

railin the 10k last night, that call you made with AQ high on the river against deeb was beautiful! what a blow up from him? 3rd to nothing in 4 hands!

Kevin Stevens said...

Keep up the good work Sir, nice too see someone doing something unselfish in the poker world for a change!