Tuesday, 23 February 2010


And another ftops comes to a close and once again I’ve drawn a big old blank without even a sniff of a gold jersey. I had a really negative attitude heading into the ftops since I’ve never managed to do anything in the past 15 series or however many there has been. I think this probably had a detrimental effect to my play over the last 2 weeks and my results showed. Not really sure how to change this for the next one apart from trying to remain more positive and not get as easily frustrated when things are not going my way on the tables.

I am planning to stay in Australia with my friends for about another month so that should be good. I will be playing my normal weekly schedule instead of the ridiculous 14hr sessions every single day that ftops demanded. Looking forward to playing again without the burden of ftops hanging over me and getting back to winning ways, but that will be once I’ve had a lengthy break .......

The one good thing out of ftops was the charity bet I devised with Chris (moorman). Over the last couple of days I busted 2 of Chris’ horses and I busted to two of them. Chris also managed to knock me out of a tournament himself (sucked out obv) to force another $1k on to my total, sigh. I will be sorting out the donations later this week but we will be giving $10’000USD between us which is a pretty good result,

Me - $5’500 (£3543)

Chris $4500 (£2899)

As far as I’m aware the best charity to donate to in order to help the people of Haiti is the American red cross but if anyone knows otherwise please leave me a comment in the next few days, thanks


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Quick friday update

Just finished another full schedule and looks like i might be coming into form at the right time as I took down the $50 rebuy on stars for $16k and change. Blanked out in the ftops again but made some deep runs elsewhere that eventaully came to nothing. Tomorrow is a huge day with the $2500 buy in event so fingers crossed for some run good...

also, I bust one of moormans horses and one of them bust me during the session so we are set to donate $3500 each heading into the last 2 days....

Friday, 19 February 2010

Finally Won a tournament..

Today is my first day off since ftops started over a week ago and I finally managed to get a winning day under my belt on Tuesday. The Sunday and Monday tournaments were a complete waste of time and money and left me frustrated at the end of both days. On Tuesday though I managed to final table the early $163 on full tilt and eventually came 3rd for around $11k. I had several deep runs on the day coming 12th in tilt $100r as well as stone cold bubbling 2 other tournaments. At the end of my session I had good stacks in two tournaments, the $30 rebuy on tilt and the UB $120 deepstack. I came 11th in the 30 rebuy but made the final table of the deepstack with the chiplead. After a shaky start i got heads up with johnnybelow who is currently living it the same house with us in Melbourne so that was pretty fun. We started HU very even in chips but I was able to get a 680k to 320k lead when I flopped 2 pair and johnny flopped a flush and I held for the win :-) 1st place was $6400 so not the greatest win of my career but it rounded off a pretty good day and hopefully a sign that my fortunes are changing for the rest of the ftops period.

As i said I'm taking the day off today and then back on it for full schedules fri/sat/sun for a titanic weekend of poker. The ftops has the $2500 buy in event as well as the $500 main event and stars has a $4m gtd tournament with at least $1m for 1st place.......

On the charity front I have busted 2 of moormans horses in the last couple of days and then got busted by one yesterday so the current running totals to be donated are

Me - $3000
Moorman - $3000

Hopefully I can bust a few more this weekend or the hero himself to push it up towards the $5k mark :-)

Also if anyone is a UFC fan don't miss UFC110 this weekend, looks like the sickest card in quite o long time, lets go bisping! (got a $1k bet with allinstevie)

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Super frustrated

Since the half schedule on the first day I have played 3 full schedules (6pm-2am UK time) and have not even managed a final table yet. I have run insanely bad and got screwed deep time and time again leaving me wondering what I need to do to win... I have been really frustrated and if the ftops wasn't running there would be no way I would be carrying on playing all day everyday but needs and musts so ill be soldiering on.

After the flurry of bounty action with moorman on day 1 its been pretty quiet since then with me just busting one of his horses in a FTP $75 freezeout. Moorman did manage to bust me in the stars $109 6 max though calling my 28bb re-shove with AJ claiming he had a live read we were racing since we were sat across the table from each other. In reality he sat going 'wtf; for about 30 seconds then said fuck it, bink for charity.... I had 99 and he had AJ which as predicted, binked for charity, $1k in my eye.

The last 2 days have drawn blanks on the charity front so the current standings are

Me - $2000

Moorman - $2000

As i said there is no let up in the schedule so ill be back on the grind for the sunday tournaments tomorrow hopefully running good.... Time to sleep


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day 1 over

So today was the first day of ftops with event number 1 being a $200 freezeout that had a crazy amount of runners and had a first prize of $193k. I never got going and eventually lost a race with AK vs 88 a few levels after the antes came in. All of the other daily tournaments had inflated prize pools as a knock on effect of the FTOPS been on but i was unable to register any significant scores today.

It was a pretty eventful start to the charity bet between me and moorman though with me busting the UB $50 rebuy to one of horses. A little later in the session I busted the $117 super turbo to another one of his horses so my side of the best was up to $1k. Before today started, me and Chris agreed that is was $500 bounty's and then double if either of us knocked the other one out. Well as luck would have it we were drawn against each other in the hyper-turbo heads up on stars late at night. For those unfamiliar with this tournament you start HU with 10bb's each and running antes so not a lot of room to move... I got lucky and knocked him out meaning he now had to stump up $1k for charity. Very late on in the session I managed to knock another one of his horses out of the $30 rebuy on full tilt for another $500 to charity, Boom! Despite being very deep in the tournament I couldn't manage better than a very frustrating 14th place finish when it was $16k ftw!

So after the first day, which was only a half session really we have to donate the following amounts

Pab - $1000

Moorman - $1500

If this pace was to be sustained I'm sure we would both hit the $10k cap pretty quickly! Gonna be playing a full schedule again tomorrow so hopefully will get a decent score under my belt

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Ftops for charity

Over the course of the ftops schedule which starts in a few hours and runs through until 21st February, myself and moorman have agreed to raise some money for charity and make it fun in the process. Moorman backs quite a lot of high stakes regulars who will be grinding like hell over ftops as will I. Over this period if I bust one of moormans horses in any tournament he has to give $500 to charity and if one of his horses busts me, I have to give $500 to charity. Should be a good laugh with lots of banter and help raise some money for those less fortunate than us. I will be updating after every session I play and can hopefully share some of the hands that go down. Both me and Chris are liable for up to $10k each on this proposal. We will combine the money at the end and likely donate it to the American red cross to help the people of Haiti. That's about all for now, please anti-rail the moorman horses in pots vs me, :-)

Friday, 5 February 2010

Aussie Millions....

Played the Aussie millions main event last week but unfortunately I busted several hours into day 2. I had a really soft table on day 1 and was able to accumulate chips at will once the antes came in. I didn't really have any big confrontations until the last level on the day when TT lost to KJ for a sizable pot ending the day with around 60k. Coming into day 2 the blinds were 500/100 so i still had a lot of room to manoeuvre. My table was stronger than day 1 but still relatively weak for a big buy in event. I got to around 100k during the 600/1200 and then bluffed off a little to have about 80k when my exit hand happened. I was opening a lot of pots and didn't have a very good reputation so was pretty hopeful of action when I raised QQ to 3k. It folds to the small blind who makes the call and then the big stack in the BB who is relatively new to the table squeezes to 15k. I shoved for 80k instead of just 4 betting to try and make my hand look weaker than it was. The small blind folds quickly and the big blind doesn't snap so I'm pretty happy and he tanks for around 45 seconds and eventually makes the call with KK! I was pretty steamed at the slowroll and when no justice Q arrived I exited sharply. It was really annoying as I was starting to feel really good on day2 and was confident of a deep run. Pretty gross cooler in the end but made 10x worse by the slowroll, fk live poker!!!

I am going to be living in Melbourne for the next 6 weeks or so with moorman/geeforce/allinstevie and I intend to be grinding online for the most part. Played online a bit since busting the Aussie millions and its gone OK but could have gone a hell of a lot better. Made deep runs in lots of big tournaments been have been running really bad about 2 tables out so not posted any big scores yet.. I have won a couple of smaller tournaments though this week, one on cake and one on UB so I am on course for a pocketfives triple crown that i hope to close out before next Monday.

FTOPS starts on full tilt next Wednesday so it will be full schedules every day chasing the elusive gold jersey, but I envisage more full tilt heartbreak really. Going to be donating some money to charity as well over this period and have managed to get moorman involved for some fun. I will post the full details next week but basically over the ftops series, whenever I bust one of moormans horses or him, he is donating $500 to charity and when one of his horses busts me i have to donate $500 to charity. I will be updating daily on how its going and all mones will probably be going to help the people of haiti.