Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Drinking and gambling in Brisbane

I have been in Brisbane for what seems like an eternity now. It has yielded good times generally on the poker front though. First my mate (geeforce1) won his seat to the Aussie millions playing the $1k super satellite on full tilt. We both played the tournament and had a saver with 20 ppl left that if one of us won a seat they would cover half of the buy in for the other one, so i was pleased when he took it down, lol.

I have been running really hot in the ipoker cash games, mainly 10/20nl but also some 25/50nl. I am up about $75k over a period of 3 weeks. Full tilt hasn't been going so well, I went on a $30k downswing on 10/20 over about a week, with some sickening hands here are the best 2 I could find at short notice


Since then Ive made $20k back on full tilt so I'm happy again there. Here are a couple of nice hands Ive won on ipoker..


Apart from cash games Ive played a few of the step tournaments on stars to try and win a PCA package to the Bahamas in January. Ive spent about $4k so far buying in at level 5 and have won 3 step 6 tickets but failed to turn any of them into a package. Ill stop playing them once Ive spent 7-8k trying i think.

Last night was supposed to be my last night in Brisbane but we all went out and got hammered, then ended up in a casino playing 2/5pl hold em, lol and eventually finishing off on the blackjack table. My $500 i took to the poker table turned into about $350, i gave 2 of my mates $100 each so they could sit at the balckjack table. We were ready to go and I still had about $200 left, I put it all on the line twice and got to $800, I tried to put the 800 on but the table limit was 500, 2 hands later and I was walking out with nothing, ha ha. By this time it was 6am and the 10am bus to the next destination seemed unlikely so on returning to the hostel we booked another 3 nights, sigh...

Dave's girlfriend took stacks of amusing pictures that have all found their way onto facebook. We found a problem gambling poster and all took mug shots, lol. I am really missing live poker tournaments at the moment and cant wait to play in the stars APPT event in Sydney mid December. That's about all for now,


Thursday, 18 October 2007

Good few days

Since my last post Ive turned around my poor start to October which is good news. I have reached Brisbane on my travels and will be hanging round here for a while because one of my mates is flying to NZ and back to sort a working visa for Australia as STA travel messed it up.

Yesterday I played the super Tuesday $1k tournament on stars and finished in 20th place, I was never a big stack going into the latter stages and the aggressiveness of my tables made it difficult to find a good spot without a premium hand. In the end I was on around 9 BB's and shoved 78 from the button into 2 stacks that couldn't call me with nothing as it was a fair % of their respective stacks. Unfortunately the SB woke up with TT and the flop was dry for me, the turn gave me a gutshot draw but needed a T to complete it, no miracles and it was over. I played for about 5 hours and got $2200 for m troubles whereas my mate was sat next to me playing 10/20nl the whole time and was up $10k, sigh.

Ive just finished my session on 10/20nl today and won close to $8k, the day before yesterday I was up around $14k for the day so things are getting back on track. The main issue at the moment is the fact that when I play poker the best action is on the ipoker network but my mate (geeforce1) who I'm travelling with also plays 10/20nl and we don't wanna play on the same tables so that's a bit of a ball ache. Tomorrow ill be taking my first shot at winning an Aussie millions seat from the $1k super satellite on full tilt.

Just like to wish Adam goulding (snoopy) hero updater for blonde and regular blogger, the best of luck for day 2 of the London GUKPT event after amassing a nice stack during day 1. Would wish moorman luck but the kipper is out already, lol

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Lack of updates.........

Not sure if anyone checks my blog regularly but for anyone that does I apologise for the lack of updates recently. I have been v.busy in Australia doing scuba diving, sailing trips and a Fraser island trips. On top of that i am obliged to get drunk most nights on these trips, leaving little time for playing poker.

September finished v.well for me overall with a few nice tournament cashes and a pretty good month playing cash. Unfortunately the few short sessions I've had so far in October have gone very badly. I don't have exact figures as i have been playing on computers in net cafes rather than my laptop as I've not come across many wireless hot spots. All my good work on party in September has been undone resulting in about a $20k downswing on there. Usually when I'm playing its in a crowded net cafe with too many distratctions and isn't ideal for playing high stakes cash games so ill be trying to stop that until i get somewhere more settled.

I'm planning to play a few of the $1k super satellites on full tilt to win a seat in the Aussie millions for January, but I will be playing that event regardless. That's about all i have to write now, ill try an keep updating regularly but I wont be into a proper poker routine again until mid November time.