Tuesday, 20 July 2010

WSOP 2010 part 1

Ok, since I was super lazy with updating as I went during this WSOP, now that it’s over I’m going to try and recap as best I can how this year went for me. Firstly I would like to explain why I travel to Las Vegas every year to play the World Series of poker. For me I’m just taking a shot to make a crazy amount of money as there is no other time when so many big money tournaments are packed together over such a short period of time. I am not backed and am far from bankrolled to play these events on a regular basis so when it goes badly it’s very disappointing. The way I look at is that I’m grinding online all year round with a moderate amount of live events thrown making a pretty good living. Then when the WSOP rolls around I take a $50k shot at playing around 20 tournaments hoping to hit a big 6 figure score and set myself up financially well into the future. For anyone that has read my blog previously you will know I completely bricked out at last year’s WSOP which proved to be an expensive and confidence draining experience. Heading into this year’s series I was keen to make amends for 2009 and make some deep runs, a final table and with a slice of good fortune a gold bracelet.

For the third year running I would be renting a house with a few good friends of mine, David ‘geeforce1’ gent, Chris ‘moorman1’ moorman and Stevie ‘allinstevie’ devlin. This year we also had stain ‘johnnybelow’ stabell and Marius ‘danksaman’ olsvik sharing the same house. I know all these guys pretty well and know they are good people to have around you when things inevitably get tough as the series progresses. Our house was located around 10 mins from the Rio and provided a safe haven from the chaos of the Las Vegas strip. On the first weekend in Vegas we had tickets for the UFC which featured the main event of rampage Jackson vs rashad evans. The event was incredible and the night out that followed would provide a blueprint that most other nights out would follow. Dinner out, nightclub with bottle service (gg $3k) craps (gg $1k) then a taxi home as the sun rises stopping off for McDonalds breakfast on the way :-)

OK that’s about all for now will be posting another part shortly where we get into the poker and business of winning bracelets......

Monday, 5 July 2010

So so lazy

Apologies for no updates during the wsop, just kept putting it off after the first week or so then seemed too much to catch up on so just gave up... I will do a post giving a full wsop trip report with some pictures pretty soon. Playing day 1B of the main event tomorrow and will be hoping to cash for the first time in 5 attempts, fml....