Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Whats been going on

So whats been going on in the last month? I arrived in Thailand at the start of the month but was grinding the Scoop for the initial 2 weeks so was pretty much living out of my hotel room on room service! The Scoop overall didn't go well for me at all, I was low on confidence and not playing anywhere near my best as demonstrated in the AQ hand vs moorman in my last entry. I was pretty relieved when it was all over and I could enjoy an extended break. Straight after the scoop had finished i got caught up in he Thai new year which I had no idea was going on but turned out to be a fun a few days. They celebrated it for 3 days in Bangkok where basically the whole city turns into 1 giant water fight and people dancing and drinking in the streets all day long. Here a is a little YouTube clip to try and let you picture it better, definitely an unforgettable experience!

After that I headed down to the phuket area where I had booked a 1 week diving trip to the similan islands. I have been here once before and was one of the best places in the world i had dived so was very eager to come back again. I had come at this time of year as it was the best time to possibly see whale sharks which was high on my to do list. I ran good in that department and managed to see one and all i have to say is wow! I had heard how big they were and had seen pics etc... but nothing could prepare you for how huge these things are in the flesh, another clip to explain better...

After that I had a few days relaxing on koh samui before heading back to rainy UK. I was only at home for 3 days though before jetting off to Vegas for a long summer of live poker action. I met up with Moorman and Stevie and we had got some pretty sweet tickets for the hatton/pacquiao fight on may 2nd. The atmosphere was amazing and some of the undercard fights were pretty good as well, but ultimately we were disappointed at Ricky's display and the swift outcome of the fight. We ended up getting pretty hammered during/after the fight and i have no recollection of coming home but managed to lose my money and bank card, wp pab! Moorman had an incident of his own that he may or may not choose to disclose on his blog but it was too funny.

Been playing online for the first time in a while the past 2 days and has gone quite well, I shipped the $30r on tilt for $8.8k ish on Monday then a 10th in the stars 1k today for $5k as well as few other smaller cashes. Was a little disappointed in the 1k, running AJ into QQ 5 handed when i had 38k stack at 1250/2500, pretty cold. Nice to get a bit of form/confidence online with the FTOPS starting tomorrow so hoping for a good showing!! We are staying in Vegas now until the end of the WSOP and will try and get some pics of the house up at some point as well. Not planning on playing live until the end of this month though when the wsop starts as well as festivals at venetian/Cesar's. That's about all for now,