Tuesday, 25 September 2007


Last Wednesday I played a few tournaments before starting to travel round Australia again. I bust all my tournaments and was just about to log off and go for a beer when moorman sent me a msg on instant messenger. Chris was having trouble with the Internet in his new house and couldn't access certain poker sites for some reason, but had been playing in the $1k entry tournament on Absolute poker. I agreed to take over but was still a while away from the money places. I play on short-stacked, then get a lucky double up, then start to abuse the upcoming bubble situation and find myself with decent chips 2 spot from the money. Chris still cant get on so we strike a deal for me to play it out, with me getting 50% of prize money if i placed 6th or above. Anyway I ended up taking the whole thing down for a cool $30k and netted myself $15k from a freeroll. Coupled with the $15k I took down from the DTD tournament last Sunday, a pretty good week, :-)

The last few days I have been travelling around, scuba diving and drinking, not having anytime for poker which is fine by me. We arrived in a town yesterday called mission beach and tried to book a white water rafting trip for today but it was full, so i had a free day. I sit here now wishing i didn't have a free day, lol. I lost about 3k playing cash on full tilt, and played in one of the sickest hands for me personally.

The ultimate cooler: http://www.pokerhand.org/?1516981

I was playing in the full tilt 1k Monday tournament at the same time and had built a nice stack of 9k with the blinds at 100/200. Then my full tilt tournament curse kicked in and I was out in 2 hands. The first i flat called a raise on the button with KK and called 2 bets from original raiser on J J 4 2 board, then it went check check when a Q rivered completing a flush draw and his J9 off was good. Then the very next hand I get this little gem


Any1 who uses pokerdb or any of the other similar sites can amuse themselves by checking my full tilt tournament stats, they are pretty abysmal and its a mystery to me. My poker stars tournament stats are very good I'm told and have no idea why they don't translate across the board.

Poker taking a back seat again after today, since we are heading to magnetic island for a full moon party. Then have a cool diving trip lined up to a a ship wreck called the SS yongala. After that its sailing around the Whitsunday islands with a bit of scuba diving thrown in for good measure. Still made a lot of money this month and am enjoying the time off. Should be some cool crocodile pics going on my facebook pretty soon, as soon as i find a wireless hot spot to upload them from my laptop. That's all for now,

Edit, PLayed 10/20 later in the day for about 3 hours and was up around $9k, making a $4k profit for the day


Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Running good

Since my last post, I have played a fair bit, mainly cash games, and have been running and playing well. I have been taking it easy on the PLO front though, still almost $4k up i that for the month. Since leaving thailand, I can now play on party poker again, and this proved useful with me booking a $10k win during my first session of 10/20. I witnessed some shocking play, the cream of the crop being some guy raising QQ to 70, the button re-raising to 300, I make it 920 with AA from SB, and the OR flat calls, lol. I push my remaining $1700 in on a low, all heart flop, he has me covered and snap calls with his QQ no heart, wp sir. I even recorded a win on stars 10/20 the next day winning 3 buy ins. Overall for the month I'm about $30k up on cash, so am very happy after last month turned out to be very ordinary.

On Sunday I played almost every tournament going, including a few super satellites to live events. My biggest cash would come in one of the first tournaments i started playing that day, the $1k buy in main event of the DTD online festival. I ended up taking 5th for $15k after losing AJ vs 22 all in pre-flop, I turned the A, but he rivered a 2, ugh. The structure of this event was excellent throughout and allowed for a lot of play, this was however until the final table. When we were 5 handed, only 2 of the players an M above 10 which is pretty ridiculous seeing as now is when the big jumps in money take place, 1st taking home $70k. This is disappointing to see in such a prestigious tournament, and tarnished a otherwise superb event. I think the main reason that it become like this was the numerous missing blind levels including, 500/1k, 1k/2k, 5k/10k, 10k/20k, as well as oversized antes IMO.

I have just finished playing a few tournaments today, cashing in the 100r on stars, and the nightly 100k. The main reason I was playing tournaments though was because of the 1k buy in on full tilt, which was going very well until the following hands took place.

The first hand was a strange one, I almost never make this call as it is usually spewing chips. On this occasion, I had been on this table with the player for a long time, and we had not tangled in any way, had not had any battles in the blinds. Then he makes this move which was just so random and out of the blue, that I couldn't see how he was strong, I trusted my instincts but it didnt work out for me


This was the very next hand, and it was time to go, lol


I plan on playing quite a lot over the next few days while i wait for 2 friends of mine to finish a diving trip then we start heading down the coast to sydney so my free time for playing will be pretty limited I imagine. Hoping to make 50k profit in cash for the month, which would be my best ever month since deciding to play predominately cash games instead of tournaments. A quick congratulations to Julian Thew who won the Plymouth GUKPT recently, a great result for a really nice guy, he also thinks i play really tight, lol,

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

August review, Promising september & PLO

August turned out pretty badly to be honest, I showed a whopping profit of $2k from playing cash games, but did enter a tournament on full tilt for $2.5k so no way I was in overall profit for the month but hey ho. I lost most money on stars 10/20nl about $12k, 6 buy ins, nothing catastrophic, but not what im hoping for. There were definately periods of the month when I was playing tilted, and lost more than I should have in particular sessions but thats the way it goes. I didnt put in a whole lot of hours until the last week, where I made a recovery to m stars account playing some 3/6nl and a little 5/10. The stars cash challenge I detailed in an earlier post is having to take a backburner atm due to the time zone im in. There are just no good games running when im available to play, so ill have to put that on hold until im in a time zone that allows me to play at busier times on stars.

September, all of 5 days old, has started well with me showing 5 figure profit, $9.9k from NLH, and about $3.5k from PLO. The PLO figure is only a guess as im currently downloading omaha PT to check the numbers. Learning PLO seems to be the fashionable thing to do now for a lot of the higher stakes players I talk to or read about. I dont aspire to play high stakes PLO, or make it my full time game as the swings can be brutal. However I would like to become more competent at the game, purely to add another string to my bow and give me wider game selection. This will help if either there are no good hold em games going, or if I simply fancy a change. Im watching some PLO videos from cardrunners and have been playing some 3/6 and 5/10 shorthanded. Some people may think that im starting at pretty high stakes for a PLO novice, but If the money doesnt really mean anything then I wont learn, just how I am.

The new series of High stakes poker has just started, and its a program I really enjoy watching. Anyone who hasnt seen it and fancy's watching cash game poker instead of the edited all in fests of the WPT broadcasts, I suggest you check it out on poker tube, or downlaod via a torrent site. Some of the banter is priceless, and some of the play form the rich amatuers is laughable, making for a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Should be gettin a new 17" macbook pro tomorrow so will have about a week to get that all set up with windows, poker tracker and Itunes before leaving for Australia on 13th September. Thats about all for now, should be putting in quite a few hours this week as my time spent playing will be scarce once I get to OZ, gl at the tables everyone,