Friday, 4 September 2009

WCOOP day 1 review

Only had about 3 hrs sleep before the first full session as I'm still adjusting my body clock to the new time zone. Had a few deep runs in some of the early comps finishing 29th in the stars 100r with $55k up top, :-( and then came 9th in the party super with $10.5k ftw after losing a CL flip just before the final. So a frustrating start but i was still registering and manged to run golden in a $30r sat the the WCOOP $10k hi roller event and Bink a seat as well as busting moorman in 16th place, justice. I never got going in the $200 6 max event, and managed to bubble to razz as well. So with 2 final tables there is currently $200 in the charity kitty and appreciate the suggestions after my last post. Depending on how much the final total is i could split it between several charities, will just sort of play it by ear. About to crash now ready for another full schedule tomorrow, PLO, NL 2-7 single draw and 8 game, :-)

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