Thursday, 23 September 2010

Finally won a tournament....

finally had a good day on Monday in what felt like forever on Monday and made 4 final tables in total as well as taking down a tournament :-) I finalled on stars the $100 1r1a turbo (4th - $8152) the $109 turbo (5th - $4394) the $50 1r1a (2nd - $7643) and won the $100 1r1a on FTP for $17758.

This is also a good boost for the charity pool which was looking pretty bleak after 2 weeks of WCOOP! 4 finals is $400 added and then 5% of $17758 is $888. Not decide what I'm going to donate too yet and I am open to suggestions if any one who reads this has any...

Current total - $1788

Got 3 more full days of playing so hopefully can rack up a few more finals and another big win!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Feels like its never gonna end

Probably in the middle of my worst ever downswing online and truth be told its starting to get to me. Played a full session of tournaments yesterday and was flying in the WCOOP $200r from a long way out and was near the top of the leaderboard from around 400 ppl out. I was playing great and not making any mistakes but as so often has been the story in the past few months as soon as we got to the last 40 ppl I snap lost 2 big all ins 77 < AQ and then AJ < KQ. I never fully recovered from these hits and was surviving with between 15-20bbs until I busted in 27th with AK < TT.

Unfortunately no more final tables to add $$ to the charity pool and it feels as though id actually have more chance of shagging Jessica Alba than actually winning a poker tournament.... There is one more week of WCOOP left which despite this soul destroying run I feel obliged to play followed up straight after by EPT London. I won a seat on stars to APPT Cebu in the Philippines in November so will use that to have a holiday of some sorts and much needed time away from the tables....

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Really Struggling

So frustrated with poker at the moment and even the smallest things going wrong seem to send me off in a rage at the computer screen. Played on Sunday and had a few deep runs but fell short of any final tables which was pretty meh. Did have one big sweat though when one of my horses was on the last 2 tables of the $215 WCOOP event which had a $300k first prize. After playing for close to 16hrs he got all in with 88 vs 77 for a 7.5m chip pot at 70/140k blinds only for a 7 to peel off on the river. It was horrible to watch and at the time we had around 10 ppl in a skype conversation railing but after that river hit everyone just went silent and was utterly speechless. Really felt for the guy as he has been playing great and had some ridiculous bad luck deep in big tournaments and hopefully he will get what he deserves soon enough..

I'm gonna be playing a lighter schedule for the next few days then taking thurs/friday and possibly Saturday off to try and stabilise my mental state. I think Ive been in this position only once before where every time I lose a big all in I'm raging at the computer and feel like the world is about to end. This mentality is no way gonna be good for some1 grinding online mtt's for a living so its pretty clear I need a few days off even though the WCOOP is ongoing. I do plan to take and extended break in November but for now a few days will have to do...

Sunday, 12 September 2010

sat 12th september

Played a pretty full session on saturday and ran so so bad agaain but managed to final table the $215 six max comp on stars. Got in a really awkawrd spot with AT on the final and made a bad call on the river i think to leave me with 20 bbs. Soon after I ran QQ into KK (fml) and couldnt hit a Q so was on the rail in 5th place. Really frustrating how I am running at the moment, especially deep in tournaments but not a lot i can do about that, anyway another $100 in the charity pool on onto another mega wcoop sunday today.......

current charity total $500

Friday, 10 September 2010

wed/thurs wcoop

I didnt play any wcoop events on wednesday but was going to play the late tournaments anyway since there are several good high stakes events. However in my first tournament after about 2 mins i had KQ on AJT flop and some guy got his QQ in for 4000 chips at 15/30 and proceeded to make a full house. Was so tilted str8 away I unregged my schedule and just had a few beers and played fifa with my housemate.

PLayed a pretty full schedule on thursday and made one final table in the FTP $50 f/o but could only manage 3rd place for $4400 after AA went down to QJ. Finished 10th and 12th in two good size tournaments on stars which was pretty frustrating. Despite been on of the worst runs of my career im starting to a fw signs of turning it round and am hopeful of putting up some bigger results over the next few weeks..

1 final so another $100 in the kitty

running charity total - $400

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

wcoop day 3

managed to make 2 finals, $100 turbo stars and UB $50r but only finished 4th and 9th respectively. Had several other deep runs and hoping that a bi result is just around the corner....

Charity total - $300

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

2 days of wcoop in the books

No early sucess for me in the WCOOP and only one final table to boast for 2 full sessions. I final tabled the $500 high roller on Ipoker last night and took 2nd for $8800. Would have been nice to get the win and my first 5 figure score online since 6th may but gotta wait a little longer to get that monkey off my back.. Managed to chip up really easy in this tournaemnt around the bubble and this showed by the fact that 3 people were under 10 big blinds when the final table started. One guy basically won every all in and when we got to HU he outchipped me massibvely and I jammed A3 from the button with 11bb's and ran into his 77 and lost, sigh. So the first final means the charity pool is up and running with $100. As far as updating getting the blog up to date regarding the wsop etc, that will probably have to wait until friday as that will be only day off from the WCOOP grind....

Running charity total - $100

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Charity time again

Obv still need to update loads of stuff from world series and the time inbetween and will aiming to complete that before the week is out....

WCOOP starts again tomorrow and ill be putting in redic volume so planning to use karma and get some run good in the bank by donating to charity again. I will use the same system I used last year which was $100 for every final table I make and 5% of first place for any tournament I manage to take down. Over the same period last year this resulted in me donating around $6500 to charity.

Thats about all for now and will do doing my best to get this blig up to date asap but will be keeping track of the charity donations in the meantime as well. Just a quick congratulations to Toby Lewis and Jake Cody who both won big live events over hte past few days. Toby shipped EPT Vilamoura and Jake won the first ever WPT in London, 2 sickos who both deserve the success imo