Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Sunday bricks and monday roundup

Just finished playing all the Monday tournaments after another full schedule. I bricked out everything on Sunday, no final tables, no deep runs in anything big and just generally a super annoying/frustrating day! I tilted off my last couple of tournaments which was a bit stupid on my part but never mind. Today i have made deep runs in lots of stuff but only managed 1 final table but busted 2-3 tables out in at least 5 others maybe more. I final tabled the $50 1r1a on FTP and ended up winning the whole thing for $7527. The final wasn't very strong and the other 3 were desperate to do a deal when we were 4 handed. Gradually wore them down and sealed the victory and a boost for the charity fund. Congrats to moorman who has been on a terrible run since we got to NZ who shipped the late $100r on stars for $52k ish. Still planning to play full schedules from now until wcoop is over so hopefully i don't get burnt out!

Current charity total - $5422

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