Saturday, 4 April 2009

Running bad, grand prix and SCOOP

So, since i made my last post everything i have touched has turned to shit really pokerwise. Not been able to make a meaningful cash in the last 3 weeks and starting to get me down a bit. Wont bore you with HH's etc.. just running awful in crucial pots. Had a break last week to go on a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne in order to watch the grand prix with some friends. Had a great time and if anyone watched the grand prix on tv, the crash at the end was right in front of where we were standing, :-)

Things not improved after my break, my first meaningful session back was for the $50r, and $500r events in the SCOOP series. Was going well in both and then tangled with close friends in both and came unstuck. First in the $50r, me and Dave (geeforce) played a 80k pot at 300/600 with AK vs QQ and i lose that one, then a little while later we played a 67k pot, me AK him AQ, gg me, nice min cash. The $500r was going pretty well and then I got moved to moorman's table, he had a big stack and was being super aggro, as per usual. I was on his immidieate left though so not all bad. I had around 40k at 400/800 and moorman was well over 100k. My main mistake when moorman opened UTG and I flatted with AQcc in the next seat and everyone else passes. The flop is 985cc and moorman continuation bets, I elect to call as i raised the last flop we saw together but in hindsight that would make it an even better spot to raise again. The turn repeats the 5 and he bets again and i just call again leaving myself with about 24k and the pot is now around 17k. The river now repeats the 9 and moorman sets me all in, my first instinct was to snap call but then because im in a bad run etc... I elect to go into the time bank and think it through. I hover over the call button maybe 4 or 5 times before eventually folding as I dont wanna look stupid deep in a $500r vs one of my mates. Moorman later told me he had 34cc, sigh, wp to him tho, im a pussy. My exit hand came when i was in the BB with A2 and 14k and 400/800, all fold to moorman in the SB who jams me in, I call pretty quickly and lose to his Q5o, the board coming 2344A, thanks stars.....

Congrats to flushy who finalled the $50r event netting around $35k i belive and to Dave who jsut won the $1k 5 card draw event for $54k, lol toasty. Hopefully I can regain form/confidence pretty quickly as well as running better. Thats about all for now, here are a couple of pics from the grand prix,