Saturday, 6 June 2009

WSOP so far

Well, not been the best start to the WSOP, 0/4. Not been playing that great really, obv got coolered by Stevie in my first event but than ran up a decent stack in the $1500 6max event the next day. i had 15k at 100/200-25 but didn't see the end of the 150/300-25 level. I was very comfortable on my table but then got moved and made some rash moves with no real information to back it up and got caught out. After butchering my stack my exit hand was at least standard with me re-shipping AQs into KK with 20BB's, nice sweat after the K44 flop, sigh.

Next event was the $2k NLH but didn't get off to a very good start at all and was getting frustrated at old guys check raising me out of my seat. Made a couple of ill-timed moves and soon slipped to a push/fold stack. In the first level of antes I open 88 on the button with 20BB's and the small blind has TT, marv.

Yesterday I played the 2.5k NLH and things were going well early doors with me taking my 7.5k stack up to 12.5k in level 1 but then I made a move against an old guy (shoot me now) that didn't work out. He limps for 100 and and isolate to 350 with A5cc, he calls and we go HU to the flop. He had called a few of my raises and had not won one post flop yet, or seen any of my hands so had a feeling he was gonna try something funky soon. The flop comes KQQ and he check/raises my 400 to 1200 and i make the call planning to take it away on a later street. This was probably the big mistake, vs an old guy i should just small 4 bet the flop and he folds everything but Qx instead of trying to make a believable multi-street bluff. Anyway hindsight is 20/20 and we got to the turn which was a J he led for 1600 which again i called. The river was a 5 and he checked with about 5400 left in his stack, I dwelt for 30 secs and moved a stack of 1k's forward to set him in. He tanked for about 1 minute before calling with KJ, fml.

On to the $5k NLH today hopefully goes better and will write don't make moves on old guys on my hand to keep me focused. Ul to praz bansi yesterday who had his 2nd bracelet in sight but just fell short with a 7th place finish in the $1500 6 max. Stevie also had a deep run the $2.5k PLH/PLO tournament but came a frustrating 20th to go along with his min cash $1500 to make him the easy leader for cashes in our house, lol

Have started using twitter to update my progress in tournaments in real time if anyone is interested, here is the link:

There is a box on my blog that also updates with my twitter messages as well, that's all for now, time to crush the 5k, gogogogo

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Vegas so far

So far we have spent a lot of time playing online, had a pretty good month myself winning a few tournaments online as well as some other decent results. Settled in the house now, will try and get some pics of it on the blog next time. Games room is gettin some abuse, pool table, table tennis table and xbox. Had tickets for the UFC last saturday which was awesome, machida smashed up evans in the main event but most of the undercard fights were sick as well.

The WSOP started a few days ago so the online grinding was about to take a back seat as we started the quest for bracelets. Moorman was the only one from our house to play the $40k buy in, he even binked a $1500 sattelite for it 2 days beforhand saving himself a nice wedge. He never really got going on day 1 but went from 60k to 160k on day 2 before losing a big pot to mike matusow with set over set, sigh. Next on the list was the $1k freezeout on saturday so we all went to the rio on friday evening to buy in. After buying in we shot over to cesars to meet 'the shrewdies', creators of this epic thread on blonde :

When we got there trigg was semi deep in the 500 but lost a 40BB flip straight away while horneris was in last 4 of the $200 turbo. He ended up losing HU much to the delight of his housemates when some old boy limped KK and horner jammed TJ in his eye, lol. After that things started getting messy, lots of beers and jager bombs before we all hit the craps table. It got to about 3am and every1 started going home as it was a mid-day start the next day. Me, stevie and jonnybelow thought it would be a better idea to take our winnings on craps to the rhino until 9am. Me and stevie both didnt make it to the tournament, gg 1k and lesson learnt... hopefully.

Played in the $1500 freezeout yesterday and it was a brief affair. out of 2900 people me and stevie managed to get drawn on the same table and after about 30 mins I have KK and lose all in preflop to stevies AA, kill me now. I but the 1st hand of level 2 (50/100) when stevie opens the cut-off to 300 and i jam 1200 from the SB with A9 only for the old guy in the BB to wake up with AA, wiiiiiiiiii. Heading down to play the $1500 6 max today so hopefully fair a little better.