Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Charity Update

Grinding most of my waking hours at the moment so don't really have time to do a detailed post, will do that once TCOOP is over. I have made 10 final tables since Friday but only managed to close out 1 win and that was in a relatively small tournament for $4021.

so, 10 finals = $500 + (5% of $4021) is $701 to be donated so far. I'm exactly halfway through the allocated time period atm so hoping to push that total past the $2k mark come the end of this Sunday!


Friday, 20 January 2012

Blog Revival (part deux)

After a failed attempt at bringing my blog back to life last year I am going to give it another try after been inspired whilst reading probably the best poker blog out there, lil daves. If you have never read it, find the link in my blog list and enjoy :-)

2011 was a pretty mixed year for me overall, online went well and I won a SCOOP for $188k which was my biggest score online by some margin. On the flip side live poker went terrible and I bricked the whole WSOP as well as 6 bet/folding on TV deep in EPT London main event, sigh. The whole full tilt saga has left me about $50k out of pocket as well if that never comes back. Sill a good year overall tho so cant complain too much.

Not really got any goals as such for the year ahead but I'm trying to make a real effort to grind more. many of my peers put me to shame with their work ethic so its time to put that right! If I have a few decent results I become super lazy and just stop grinding for weeks at a time and do nothing constructive whatsoever, usually a mixture of going out drinking and playing COD online :-)

Grinded quite hard in January so far and looking to put in some more sustained volume over the next 10 days as its the inaugural TCOOP (Turbo championship of online poker) on stars. Even though some of the buy ins are a little smaller than I anticipated, one of the main benefits of a festival like this is a spike in traffic throughout the rest of the daily schedule producing bumper prize pools all over the place, oioi

I have done this in the past and always made me feel good about myself so will be donating money to charity based on my results over the TCOOP period (friday 20th - sunday 29th inclusive) I will donate $50 for every final table I make as well as 5% of any tournament I mange to close out and win.

I am going to use some of the money to sponsor my friend Chris Hall who seems to have lost his mind and is doing the Tough mudder challenge later this year. Chris is raising money for the national eczema society, if you like to sponsor him find all the info here :

I am going to donate to breast cancer care and maybe some other charities depending on what total I end up with, just hit 9 tables and counting so gonna end this post and concentrate on clicking buttons!