Monday, 6 February 2012

Charity, TCOOP and Travelling

I grinded for 10 days straight over the TCOOP period and it really didn't go as planned. I didn't run deep in any of the TCOOP events but that could be expected as they were huge fields for the most part. It did boost all the prizepools in all the other daily mtts I was playing but couldn't muster any significant score with my biggest cash being for $6kish and only booking 1 victory :-(

That being said I did make 14 final tables and converted one of those into a small victory so the total I'm donating to charity is $700 for the 14 finals and $701 for 5% of my 1st place = $1401 (£886) I have decided to split this as £386 to sponsor Chris hall for his tough mudder challenge and the other £500 to the Cancer research UK

Been grinding hard online all of January so decided for a change of scenery in February. I'm flying to Toronto early Tuesday morning with my friend Dave Jones to meet up with one of our mates who now lives in Canada, Nicky Evans. We plan to travel to Niagara falls in order to play a couple of live tournaments ($2.5k and $5k) and then travel back across Canada stopping at Toronto and Montreal. We have tickets for a Ice hockey game and a basketball game and despite not knowing very much about these sports I have been assured it will be good fun :-)

After that we are going to crash at nicks place in moncton (lol) for a while and possibly try my hand at skiing/snowboarding before heading back home towards the end of the month. I'm still gonna try and play online mtts on the bigger days, Sunday/Tuesday, but really looking forward to break from the monotony of the online grind for a while. Will try and blog a couple of times while I'm on the road with com stories/photos of the trip,