Monday, 14 April 2008

Lazy week

Since the 3rd place in the stars 1k, I have been pretty lazy poker wise hardly playing at all. I did put in one marathon cash session that went pretty badly with me finishing -$20k all on 10/20. I ran pretty badly but also made one terrible bluff for a double buy in, oops. Since that ive played a few small sessions and got about $8k back leaving me $22k down for the month on cash. Still up for the month after the tournament scores but really hoping to turn round the cash side of things in the 2nd half of the month or hit another score in the $1k mtt, lol.

I sat down to play the Sunday tournaments yesterday buy gave up and unregistered from everything before the Sunday million ever started. I lost AA vs TJ AIPF in the warm up and QQ vs AJ in the party 300k to break my tolerance early.

Finally sorted my plans for leaving Australia today which sees me heading to Hawaii for a week of relaxing and time away from poker, before I become completely immersed in it for the 7 weeks after. I don't have enough extended times when poker is completely off my agenda so I'm hoping it will be a good recharge period before WSOP.

Thats all for now,


PS. here are the links to the animated hand history's of the two tournaments I mentioned in the previous post. You need a pokerxfactor account to view the links but its free to join. Any questions/random abuse of my donk play is welcome, enjoy.

Tilt - $30r win -

Stars $1k 3rd place -

Thursday, 3 April 2008

April only 3 days in But plenty of Incident

So march finished and after playing very little I made a decent amount of $$ so was happy. I am back settled in Sydney again and the plan was to start playing a lot of poker again in April.

After a decent few months I decided to take a stab at the 25/50 games again at the start of April. Ive had a lot of success here in the past and my flatmate Dave (geeforce1) thinks the games have a lot more donks than 10/20. This hand was my first big pot I lost, I think How I played the hand by checking on the turn I have to go broke when he shoves the river, no getting away IMO, others may differ.

After that I kept playing but didn't play any more interesting pots but couldn't win a 3 bet pot to save my life and ended up $15k down on the session. Ill be moving back to 10/20nl for the time being, even though I am rolled for $25/50 I wouldn't want to put pressure on myself my incurring pretty big losses at 25/50. Ill keep taking shots if i see a weak game, or coming off the back of a good week, but 10/20nl will still be my regular game.

Onto tournaments and they have been a mixed bag in the last few days. I played a lot of the Sunday tournaments including the $1k buy in Sunday million on pokerstars. On the 8th hand of the tournament I had AA vs KK in preflop and lost to cripple me. I managed to hold on with my short stack for quite a while and then made a re-steal with 24s at the 500/1k level and ran into JJ, he time banked it for 15 BB's, lol . No cashes and I ended up quitting early through pure frustration, although I did give my $200 to charity as promised, :-)

Monday was a day off and then came back on Tuesday to play a few tournaments including the $1k buy super Tuesday on pokerstars. I managed to get 3rd in the Stars tournament for $34k and also won the F.Tilt $30r at the same time for $6.6k, ship the $40k. I would like to compliment Pokerstars on a amazing structure in the $1k tournament and would definitely recommend playing it to those who can afford it, or attempting to satellite in for lower stakes players I wont talk about the tournaments just yet as I'm looking to animate the HH's on pokerxfactor or cardrunners over the next few days and post the links up here.

All this week I am 'In the Well' On the blondepoker forum. Basically it is a week long QnA session with me. Moorman did it last week, and I was approached to be in this week, here is the link:

If I manage to animate the HH's, ill post them on the blog, that's all for now,