Sunday, 13 September 2009

Saturday Review

Played a full schedule today, registering from 6pm UK time until 2am.... I managed to final table 2 tournaments, the Stars $300 and the FTP $30 rebuy. I came 4th in stars $300 getting set over set for a huge pot right at the start of the final then eventually busting with AK vs 99 for a 400k pot at 3k/6k. The $30 rebuy went better though, I came into the final in decent chip position and got some nice hands that held up. I had a good seat with position on the other big stack who i busted in 4th place winning a coin flip. I had so many chips when we got 3 handed it was just a matter of time and eventually took the whole thing down for $6500. So 2 finals is $200 and $325 from the win means the current charity total is $4946.25....

About to crash now to get ready for a gruelling Sunday schedule, hope it goes better than last week

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