Sunday, 4 April 2010

Still on break

Still on my break from mtt's and the last time I played a online tournament (except the odd superturbo) was the 7th march so 4 weeks today. Not been playing any poker at all really, just enjoying the time off and relaxing without getting stressed out at poker everyday. Got a few diving trips planned around the phillipines the next couple of weeks so wont be getting back into the mtt grind just yet but will probably play a little bit of cash on the side when I get a chance. Im going be back home in time for GUKPT manchester so ill be playing that but probably gonna skip EPT san remo and monte carlo with the WSOP being so close. Once im home ill be diving straight back in the deep end online as ftops starts pretty much the day I land and that runs straight into the start of the SCOOP series, lol. So expect more posts about how much I hate poker/tournaments/life again...