Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Xmas, New year and Australia

So, had a pretty extended break from poker over xmas and new year, the main reason being to spend time with family and friends. Travelled to australia 2 days after christmas and arrived in Sydney on the 29th Dec. Had a couple of days to get my bodyclock sorted then new year was upon us. We had a group of around 10 ppl, most of them from Doncaster, and we bought tickets to a rooftop bar that had a great view of the opera house across the harbour. The whole night was amazing but when the clock actually struck 12 the firework display all across the harbour was phenomenal and made it a truly memorable new year!

Not really got back into poker much since new year, played a few half sessions of mtt's but no success, did however get 2nd in the 100r on my first day here for $16.5k, :-). Decided to rent a flat here in sydney for 3 months with a few friends and it's pretty sick.

Been probably drinking too much, but generally been having a great time. Went to see a show at the opera house on sunday night which was pretty amazing. It was a daredevil acrobatic circus and some of the stuff was breathtaking. Been playing a little cash the last week but its not gone that well, getting pretty shafted to be fair and having to stop a few times as i could feel myself tilting. Heading down to melbourne on thursday for the aussie millions, and also have tickets for the Aus/SA 1 day cricket match on the 16th so looking forward to that. Not a massive tennis fan but the aussie open is on while we are there and some of the other guys are into it so might end up going to watch that as well. Apologies for the lack of updates but will do a full trip report when getting back from melbourne in a little under 2 weeks time!