Saturday, 12 September 2009

Quick Update

I took the day off on Monday after 4 full days playing as I felt pretty tired and drained. Came back and played on Tuesday making 2 final tables in the FTP $100r and the $77 turbo on stars so +$200 towards the charity fund. Even more good news was that I managed to win the FTP $100r for a nice $22800, so another $1140 towards charity. I have had several suggestions on here for potential charities as well as a few via pm on forums/facebook. After a few wins it looks like I will be donating a decent amount so will more than likely spread it around a few different charities. I will sort it all out once the wcoop is over next Sunday and i have a final total. Since Tuesday i just played the late tournaments on Wednesday and just a handful today (got tilted) with no joy. I plan on playing full schedules everyday from now until the wcoop ends so hopefully will hit lots of finals and Bink a few wins!!

Current total for charity - $4421.75

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Fenix35 said...

The charity idea is really nice. Best of luck to you, hope you get a wcoop bracelet