Friday, 10 September 2010

wed/thurs wcoop

I didnt play any wcoop events on wednesday but was going to play the late tournaments anyway since there are several good high stakes events. However in my first tournament after about 2 mins i had KQ on AJT flop and some guy got his QQ in for 4000 chips at 15/30 and proceeded to make a full house. Was so tilted str8 away I unregged my schedule and just had a few beers and played fifa with my housemate.

PLayed a pretty full schedule on thursday and made one final table in the FTP $50 f/o but could only manage 3rd place for $4400 after AA went down to QJ. Finished 10th and 12th in two good size tournaments on stars which was pretty frustrating. Despite been on of the worst runs of my career im starting to a fw signs of turning it round and am hopeful of putting up some bigger results over the next few weeks..

1 final so another $100 in the kitty

running charity total - $400

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