Sunday, 5 September 2010

Charity time again

Obv still need to update loads of stuff from world series and the time inbetween and will aiming to complete that before the week is out....

WCOOP starts again tomorrow and ill be putting in redic volume so planning to use karma and get some run good in the bank by donating to charity again. I will use the same system I used last year which was $100 for every final table I make and 5% of first place for any tournament I manage to take down. Over the same period last year this resulted in me donating around $6500 to charity.

Thats about all for now and will do doing my best to get this blig up to date asap but will be keeping track of the charity donations in the meantime as well. Just a quick congratulations to Toby Lewis and Jake Cody who both won big live events over hte past few days. Toby shipped EPT Vilamoura and Jake won the first ever WPT in London, 2 sickos who both deserve the success imo


Yorkshire Pud said...

Great to see you doing this again Paul, can I suggest the Marie Curie Hospices as a potential charity. My gran was in one before she died recently and we found out they need to find finance for £7,700 per day to run at 100%!

yori misori said...

Oh, what a kind heart! Well, players who enjoy live and online casinos could also join charity events, if they also have the heart to help and do charities with their favorite poker game.