Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Really Struggling

So frustrated with poker at the moment and even the smallest things going wrong seem to send me off in a rage at the computer screen. Played on Sunday and had a few deep runs but fell short of any final tables which was pretty meh. Did have one big sweat though when one of my horses was on the last 2 tables of the $215 WCOOP event which had a $300k first prize. After playing for close to 16hrs he got all in with 88 vs 77 for a 7.5m chip pot at 70/140k blinds only for a 7 to peel off on the river. It was horrible to watch and at the time we had around 10 ppl in a skype conversation railing but after that river hit everyone just went silent and was utterly speechless. Really felt for the guy as he has been playing great and had some ridiculous bad luck deep in big tournaments and hopefully he will get what he deserves soon enough..

I'm gonna be playing a lighter schedule for the next few days then taking thurs/friday and possibly Saturday off to try and stabilise my mental state. I think Ive been in this position only once before where every time I lose a big all in I'm raging at the computer and feel like the world is about to end. This mentality is no way gonna be good for some1 grinding online mtt's for a living so its pretty clear I need a few days off even though the WCOOP is ongoing. I do plan to take and extended break in November but for now a few days will have to do...

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Scott , Halfswing, HalfSwingKing said...

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Come back stronger from your break sir glgl