Tuesday, 7 September 2010

2 days of wcoop in the books

No early sucess for me in the WCOOP and only one final table to boast for 2 full sessions. I final tabled the $500 high roller on Ipoker last night and took 2nd for $8800. Would have been nice to get the win and my first 5 figure score online since 6th may but gotta wait a little longer to get that monkey off my back.. Managed to chip up really easy in this tournaemnt around the bubble and this showed by the fact that 3 people were under 10 big blinds when the final table started. One guy basically won every all in and when we got to HU he outchipped me massibvely and I jammed A3 from the button with 11bb's and ran into his 77 and lost, sigh. So the first final means the charity pool is up and running with $100. As far as updating getting the blog up to date regarding the wsop etc, that will probably have to wait until friday as that will be only day off from the WCOOP grind....

Running charity total - $100

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