Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Quick Summary

OK, been very busy and alwasy seemed to be putting off updating the blog, but here goes with a quick recap of whats being going on. My main event had a very good start with me reaching about 34k at the dinner break, without hardly showing a hand and was in confident mood. I was gettin maximum value for my hands, making good reads and had a good feel about what my opponents held most of the time. Then after the dinner break I had another meltdown sort of, similar to the venetian tournament a few weeks ago, but in my opinion i didnt play like a donkey as i did that day.

After a few orbits without playing a hand, then having a few raises snapped off by re-raises where i had to lay down my exit hand occurred. Playing about a 28k stack at 200/400, i open for 1200 in EP with 89 clubs and am called in the cut-off, no one else enters the pot. The flop is T J 2, with 1 club and i continuation bet about 1800 i think, and he calls. The turn is a 3 of clubs, and i check and he instantly bets 5k, around the size of the pot. Earlier this same guy had tried to float me out of position with AJ on a K 4 4 flop, but i had AK, so i knew he was definately capable of such a play. His bet looked to me as though he wanted to take the down right there, maybe with an AT type hand. My play looks as though i bet the flop because i raised preflop and was now giving up because he called me on the flop, so he could be trying to take it away from me. If i just call, I am out of position when the river comes, and think I will struggle to get paid off even if i hit my hand as i dont figure him to be that strong. Considering all the above factors I jam for 25k total with my up n down str8 draw and flush draw, he had me covered by around 6k. My line was that he would need TJ minimum to make this call, however he beat me in the pot with TT and i bricked out, gg.

No regrets, maybe overagressive, who knows but its how i play tournaments, always next year......... My vegas trip was in profit mainly because of online though withe the 2 nice scores i had mentioned in earlier posts.

August and September are 2 massive months in online tournament poker with the full tilt series of poker, and the pokerstars WCOOP festival. Some bankrolls will take a serious hammering during these two months im sure, just log on to the respective sites to look at the big buy in extravaganza. Im going to be in australia so will hardly be playing any of the events, but may set the alarm clock for 4am to play a couple of the ones I really fancy. One of the full tilt events is a $2.5k buy in and a 2 day event, with an awesome structure.

Since leaving vegas my cash games have gone pretty bad online, about $15k down. Some pretty sick hands on crypto in particular.

Someone requested that i animated the handhistory for my 100 rebuy win on stars a few weeks back but it kept slipping my mind, but here it is



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