Monday, 9 July 2007

Main Event

After some persuasion, I have decided to stay in Vegas and play the main event, time will tell as to if this is a wise decision. I play on day 1 d, and if i bust i will be arranging transport out of Vegas asap. The other day i lost my phone which is very annoying, coupled with the fact that i wasn't even drunk, just fell out of my jeans in a taxi. Moorman had his revenge vs me at bowling, beating me 3-2, although i was 3-0 down at one point, but managed to save face a little. Vegas is crazy hot, and this is what apparently provoked a man to open fire in new york new york the other day. He was taken down by 4 members of the public eventually, and to my knowledge no one was killed thankfully. Was weird as I had gone for steak with a few friends just 2 days before in new york new york.

Had another touch online today, finishing 6th in the warm up on stars for over $14k, putting my Vegas trip well in profit, even after shelling out for the main event, happy days. My main event last year was a pretty bleak affair, so will looking to improve on that showing.


nicholas said...

Hey man why dont u back up cell phone contacts online for free on ZYB ( . this way u can always retrieve ur phonebook in the event of phone loss/theft.
cheers said...

This is why you should always write down or remember the number of the cab you were in. If you knew what cab number you were in, any cab company could tell you which company the cab belonged to, and their dispatcher could track down that cab. The driver will bring it to you right away, but you have to pay a fare. Otherwise, the driver will turn it into lost-and-found at the end of shift.