Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Moving on

So, after a few days in LA, finally left america and vegas behind to seek a more relaxing atmosphere. Arrived in bangkok today, but its just a brief stop while i orgainse a trip to vietnam. When i went travelling in 2005 i wanted to go to vietnam but didnt have time as I had to go to the Stars WPT event in bahamas, hard life i know, :-). Have pencilled in the aisan poker tour in manilla for my next live outing but that is subject to change and seems a relatively small event with a cap on the entrants. After that im heading to phuket for about 2 weeks scuba diving around the similan islands which are just breathtaking. Mid September sees me heading to australia to meet up with a few of my very good friends from home, one of which i havent seen since new year so that will be cool.

Our general outline for australia is to spend about 3 months travelling from cairns to sydney, arriving mid December just in to play the 5k Aisa poker tour event in sydney. Christmas and new year in sydney then down to melbourne to play the superbly run and structured aussie millions tournament that i was lucky enough to cash in this year.

As far as online goes ive been doing a lot better since my last post and am almost out of my $15k downswing immediatley following vegas. Mainly on Party $5/10 and Full tilt $10/20. I am having issues with poker tracker though on my new laptop. For some reason it doesnt find the full tilt hand histories after ive finished a session on there, and therefore my pokertracker doesnt give a true reflection of my play near enough rendering it useless. I have checked and double checked all the settings in full tilt and in poker tracker and cannot for the life of me discover whats wrong, not sure if its something to do with windows vista or not.

Thats about if for now, I will have my laptop with me everywhere i go so will be playing online still when i have noting better to do. A quick shout out to my mate Rick trigg (The Claimer) for his impressive finish in the Newcastle GUKPT event taking home 24k sterling, happy days.


moody13 said...

I had the same issues with full tilt and PT, I just made a new folder on my desktop and called it HH or something, changed FTP to save it to that folder and put poker tracker to upload from that folder aswell.

M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Pab, enjoy your travels m8 - and run good online!!