Sunday, 3 June 2007

WSOP in 2 weeks

Ok so I leave for Vegas in 2 weeks, which i am pretty stoked about, I have been itching to go back since last year but my timing hasn’t been right with other things ive been doing. This year of course, there are no online satellites into the main event, well there are but they just put the $10k in your account then it’s your prerogative. Even if I won a satellite, I couldn’t justify using that money to enter 1 tournament, I guess i am just too cautious.

As I am bankrolling myself for this trip I am going to play a lot of side events instead of the main event. I will be playing the 2.5k and 5k short handed events at the WSOP, possibly a 2k event as well. The Bellagio have a 5k event as part of their festival which has 10k starting chips. Also the Venetian are running a festival with $300, $500 and $1k events with 6k chips in the $300 and 10k chips in the other 2 which seems excellent value. I have estimated spending about $20k on tournament buy ins during the trip.

I am not really one for challenges, but I have a target for my online play before I go. In June I want to be $20k in profit playing cash, so then Vegas is essentially a freeroll, I know its not but winning the money before I go would be pretty cool. Online tournaments are on the backburner for me at the moment, I only plan on playing some of the cryptologic festival and the 1k buy in tournaments on F.tilt and Stars. I will deduct these buy ins from my running cash game total and will hopefully still be $20k to the good come 2 weeks today :-)

My poker tracker says for June so far - +$7606

A promising start, but with 2k coming out for the full tilt and stars tournaments on Monday and Tuesday, still work to be done. One positive thing about this is that on Monday I won’t have my normal dejected review of the Sunday majors as I won’t be in them.


richard trigg said...

should be pretty str8 forward the $20k target as long as the coolers stay away for a ouple of weeks, gl if i win one of majors tonight ill be in vegas lol, ONE TIME

Pab said...

you mean coolers like this?