Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Slowly but surely

Firstly, is now operational again so the links in the previous post should now link to hand history’s and not spam, lol.

Played a few tournaments again last night after the metaphorical light bulb was turned on in my head Sunday. Poker Stars had their inaugural Super Tuesday tournament, a $1k buy in that had an impressive 360 runners and $89k 1st prize. I had a quick spin on the stars cash tables and won my entry for this but finished in 89th after pushing KQ when short, called by JJ, flopping a K then still losing, eek. I would recommend any tournament players to play this, I’m sure the satellites will be often, and the structure was fantastic.

However, I did accumulate a big stack in another tournament, the $120 bounty comp on UB. This is $100 into the prize pool, then you get $20 every time you knock a player out. I had a 13k stack at 100/200 blinds and my confidence was fully restored and played pretty good big stack poker. I made the final with average chips, got into some dominating situations preflop and found myself heads up with a 2-1 chip lead. Unfortunately it all went wrong here and I played terribly and got outplayed on many occasions during the heads up battle and eventually finished 2nd. My style of tournament poker, much like my cash game style is very aggressive, and often leads to early bust outs in mtt’s, but when I get the big stack I feel as though I play optimal poker and really press home my advantage. Until Sunday I was never putting myself in position to get a big stack, and often having my fate decided on 1 hand.


Alex Martin said...

Nice result kid, you going Newcastle or are you in Vegas?

Pab said...

no live poker until vegas, will be playing most of DTD online fessie I reckon. apart from that just taking it easy, spending some time with family friends because after vegas Im gooing straight on travelling for about a year :-)

LeKnave said...

Nice score pab. A real big result is just round the corner.

GL in vegas, bring back a bracelet this time. ;)

sledge13 said...

Gl in Vegas...ship the wonga!