Sunday, 24 June 2007

A small cash

After the early exit on Monday, came back to my hotel and played a few comps online, made a final in the UB $120 bounty for about $1.9k, was very short for a long time, very frustrating. After that decided to head downstairs and relax in the $1/2nl game and have some fun and a few beers before bed. That somehow turned into 12 hr session, ended with me stumbling to bed at around 10am. Some guys who work in the Irish bar came and sat just as I was preparing to leave, and we got talking and started doing shots ugh, and I couldn’t get away. The game was pretty wild, and anyone who plays properly would easily make a fair amount of money. I on the other was playing more and more reckless the more drunk I got, but still managed a $200 profit, lol

The silly 1/2nl session meant Tuesday was a complete write off as I didn’t wake up until about 8pm, played a few comps online, and came 2nd in a full tilt 6 seater event for $4.5k. Dominated the final but my heads up game is average at best, and cost me in this encounter. It is the part of my game that needs real work, as even when you get to HU in a tournament, the difference between 1st and 2nd is still pretty juicy.

On Thursday, I got talked into playing the $1500 event at the wsop, the huge field and dodgy structure was off putting, but, when in Rome. I made a steady start, taking down several small-medium pots and doubled my 3k starting stack after the first 2 levels and that gave me a fair amount of breathing room until we made the money. My table was pretty week and was able to build chips until I was the only one remaining from my original starting table, all the other players had been replaced. A notable pot comes up at he 200/400 - 50, level. A new player at the table makes it 1200 in LP, with 5.5k behind, I make it 3.5k on the button with 99, obviously committing myself to his stack. This didn’t phase our hero though, and promptly put the rest in with KQ, ugh and flopped a Q. He made this move with no information on my play whatsoever and I crush his hand so often its scary, but there you go. I kept my cool and just gave one bit of verbal, I asked him if he would passed if it wasn’t sooooooted, lol.

I go card dead for a long time after and no good situations arise, so am around the 12BB mark when the bubble bursts. The hand for hand play seemed to take forever and the clock was running the whole time, marvellous. Just after the bubble bursts, I double up with AK vs. QJ and fold the rest of the day, and finish on 29k with 147 players coming back the next day. We had 35 mins of the 1k/2k -300 level remaining on day 2, so my initial plan was to look for some1 opening too many pots and come over the top with any2 to utilise my re-raise fold equity while I still had some. Unfortunately after going through the blinds twice, no such opportunity had arisen and was forced to look for a spot to open shove. On the button I look at QJ suited and am reading to gamble with a LP raiser or move in myself, but to my dismay the tight guy UTG raises and I pass. 2 hands later, I have 18.5k and it folds to me, I look at K9, the level was about to go up in 3 mins, so a no brainer really. I found a call from AQ, but didn’t manage to spike and exited 118th.

Not much I could have done differently on the 2nd day, apart from maybe shoving blind UTG before the blinds hit me again, use my position to project a strong hand and stay above water. So, I cashed for $4300, which makes me $300 up from live comps, lol. Went to play the Venetian $500 today, but was sold out, nightmare. Am going down again tomorrow to try and play the $1k event hopefully wont be as popular with the more expensive buy in. I think my next WSOP event will be the $5k short handed event that treated me so well last year, : -)


sledge13 said...

Sounds like fun out there Pab!
Good luck in the 5k.

Rob Sherwood said...

Pab how's it going, we were on the same table in that $1,500 event until I busted just after the dinner break. Didn't realise who you were at first!

Good luck for the rest of the WSOP


Alex Martin said...

Nice one m8, keep up the aggression, we want a bracelet, nothing less.


lijialefw said...

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