Friday, 8 June 2007

WSOP preperation update

So my preparation for the WSOP is going according to plan at the moment. I played 3 mtt’s on Tuesday, making a final table in the $150 freezeout on F.tilt. I came to the final with a slight chip lead but ended up finishing 4th. My only real bluff of the whole tournament got snapped off, then I proceeded to go card/situation dead until my exit. Shame I couldn’t bring home the win as it would have completed my $20k profit target but it wasn’t to be. Wednesday was the England match obviously so drinking takes full precedent over poker, and we even managed to win my more than one goal, what a shocker!

Thursday saw me enter 5 mtt’s in total, again making a final table, this time in the $100 f/o on stars. This is my exit hand from that comp, does anyone think I shouldn’t push this hand, and what do people reckon to the call?

It is a well known fact that emptyseat88 is Scott fischman online, so I was very surprised at this hand we played in the stars $100 rebuy. It is possible that a friend is on his account or something but I wasn’t best pleased at the result.

I have spent just under $3000 buying into online mtt’s this week and have a total return of $4890. So made a small profit on them, but with luck on my side in either of the finals and I would have booked a 5 figure return, o well.

I have been playing cash games still and today I rediscovered Party Poker. I have never really given it a chance since they blocked the US, but had heard that the traffic and action was still pretty good. I was looking for some 5/10 today on my regular sites but not much on offer, opened party and they had at least 10 6 handed games going. A quick visit to neteller and I’m away 4 tabling. The action was pretty good and I witnessed one of the most remarkable calls ever right at the end of the session. It doest say the bet amounts on the turn for some reason, but you can work it out if you see how much he started the hand with.

Inspired I am sure you will agree. Poker Tracker shows +$18594 for June, so with the winnings from my mtt’s am over the $20k target, but I need to stay there now, lol

Contemplated going to walsall for the midland masters main event but It seems too much hassle for a comp that is likely to be short on runners due to the WSOP. Crypto have the £1k main event of their online festival Sunday so will probably end up having a pop at that instead.


Horneris said...

Not sure it was Scott. He was playing the $5 rebuy 25k, sat nxt to me, playing very poorly at times.

Royal Flush said...

lol @ the AQ call, you run goooood

M3boy's Poker Blog said...

WD on making the $20k target m8

C U in Vegas