Sunday, 3 August 2008

struggling for motivation

Not a lot been going on to be honest, lots of catching up with friends and family which has been cool, although nothing has changed since I left 15 months ago. Walking through the town centre there are a few new shops/bars n stuff but basically it seems as though time has stood still and I haven't missed an awful lot in my time away. Finally seem to be overcoming the jet-lag i was suffering from after my trip across the Atlantic which is helpful.

As far as poker goes I am severely lacking in motivation/drive to play at the moment and its pretty annoying. Weather it be cash or MTT I seem to lose all interest in less than 1 hour at the computer and get the feeling I'm burnt out after almost 2 months of solid poker in Vegas. Still going to Luton on Thursday to play in the GUKPT but should be lots of drinking/socialising to balance the trip out nicely. After that I'm thinking of taking a holiday somewhere for a week or 2 with no laptop and not play poker for the entire trip but we'll see what happens.

The little amount of poker I have played online has gone OK, made about $8k in cash games, been playing pretty small stakes on betfair trying to build a roll on there to play higher but i don't like depositing big chunks of money into sites. As far as mtt's go Ive had sever near misses, as always, getting 13th in the stars 1k, and 8th in the stars 300 the first tue/wed i was back. Then the following Wednesday I had a pretty disgusting day coming, 9th in tilt $75, KK < AQ, then 13th in stars 100r, QQ < A6, then 21st in tilt 100r 6 max, and 15th in tilt $100 1r 1a.

Gonna be a mug again and try to play a Sunday schedule but i probably will be too tilted/annoyed to even reach the stars million, sigh. That's all for now, will post a tournament/trip report after luton,


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