Monday, 11 August 2008


Luton is a fair trek from me, and I had planned to travel to a friend’s house in Milton kynes on the Wednesday to prevent having an early start, however that plan went to pot after a big night out Tuesday and feeling like death all day Wednesday. So Thursday started with a 7.15 alarm clock to catch the 8.30 train to London kings cross, short walk to st Pancras and another train to Luton see's us get to the hotel about 12pm. Meet up with allinstevie/moorman/flushy/geeforce at the casino and steam through a couple of red bulls to keep me going. I haven’t played many of these gukpt's, this was my 4th I think, but all I hear from the people who play it regular is the amount of value on offer from the vast number of bad players. However my first table there were 4 of us in a line, Sam trickett, mark goodwin, me and Jen mason, so where's the value? Well the rest of the people on my starting table were a combination of bad/rocky/predictable but I was struggling to take advantage of this due to the complete filth I was getting dealt. Meanwhile it took moorman about 4 hands to get a full double up with AA vs KK on another table, mbn etc.....

I don’t get involved in any big/interesting pots or situations until we reach the 150/300 level. I have a super tight image and about a 9k stack. I already know that if I get a big hand I can’t really re-raise anybody as it’s just going to get a ton of respect and more than likely win a small pot. Not long after the start of this level I pick up QQ and there is a raise to 1k in fairly EP, I call in the cut-off and the BB then squeezes to 3.5k total. The original raiser folds so it’s back to me and even though he is never squeezing light in this spot I’m still far enough ahead of his range to get it in here and hope I don’t here the 0.25 second call and him flip AA in my eye. He doesn’t snap which was good but does make the call with AK, standard and I win the race to get me to 18k just before the antes kick in, :-) Just to demonstrate how tight I had been playing, on the very next hand I pass, and the dealer says to me, 'no queens this time'. Pay £1000 and get abuse from dealer, nice, lol.

When the antes kicked in I started to use my tight image to build chips and started playing a lot more pots getting up around30k without much fuss. I then move tables and have to rock up again because there is a 10bb stack directly on my left, sigh. For most of the 300/600 level I am passing, taking 1 or 2 pots to keep me roughly around the 30k mark. Mid-way through the 400/800 level the short stack busts and unshackles me to a certain extent to open lighter without the fear of having to call his shove. I take a few pots uncontested and then I open AJhh to 2200 in the cut-off playing about 29k and the guy on the button makes it 5k total. I have no idea what to make of this raise, as I had never played his guy before but did later learn he is a circuit regular (plays a LOL pot on the last hand of the night but I’ll get to that). I have to call really and either flop a big draw or made hand or make some kind of move post flop. Anyway the flop comes T86 hh :-) and I have the perfect stack to check raise all in. I check he bets 6k, I count my stack up a few times and move in for 25k total, he instantly starts shaking his head talking at me, saying ' I know all you have got is a fucking flush draw'. In reality if he knew this he would have high-fived the dealer and called already. Once he made that comment I had a pretty good idea that he was just trying to save face and make out as though he was folding a big made hand. After about 1min 30 secs he sighs and passes and I’m up near 40k, and feeling good.

The blinds go up to 500/1k and this was to be the last level of the night. I open to 2800 a few times and take the pot uncontested, and then a short stack pushes on me with A9, I am obliged to call with my QTs, and get there, :-). My final confrontation of the day would come when raising the button to 2800 with KJs, and the guy from before makes it 6k total from the small blind. This raise looks a lot stronger than the last mini-3bet since he is OOP for the whole hand, but now way I can pass for 3200 more to see the flop making a 14k pot. Anyway the flop is A94 giving me absolutely nothing and he checks to me. Since I have almost no equity in this hand If I check I take a stab for about 7k (1/2 pot) and he folds pretty quickly, leaving me on 58.8k going into day 2.

Friday was supposed to be a quiet day, relaxing and coming back nice and fresh to play day 2. That didn’t quite go to plan with us all drinking until 5am playing 1/2nl cash in the casino (except moorman who went back early evening to play FTOPS, lol) finished up a bit down in the cash game but the banter was quality and some guy when faced with the statement 'nice call on the turn' in a sarcastic tone came back with this gem: "Well I was either going to hit or outplay you!' lol. Stumbled back to the hotel at around 6am and somehow managed to set my alarm for day 2 of the main event. Woke up Saturday obviously feeling pretty ill but after a shower and a subway sandwich I was feeling a little better and ready to make my assault on day 2.

The re-draw for my table was interesting with Alex martin on my direct right as well as Flushy 'James Dempsey' on the same table and the banter was flowing. I managed to win a big pot from flushy pretty early doors with AA vs TT on a 8 high board and I was up and running. I then eliminated Alex with AK vs AQ in a late position battle and things were looking rosy. I was then starting to take control of the table, opening a lot of pots mainly winning them uncontested or with little or no resistance post flop. I then got muffed by flushy who defended the BB with 68s to my LP raise and check called all in on a T 8 2 flop but was in trouble vs my AT, nothing a 6 on the turn wouldn’t solve though, 50k pot down at 1600 BB. Over the next couple of hours not a lot happened really, I had 2 races with short-stacks, lost both and also lost a QJ vs AQ off another short-stack. When the blinds reached 1.5k/3k I was down to about a 100k stack and was now seated on the same table as moorman. It folds to moorman in the cut-off and he shoves for 30k, and I call with 55 in the SB and he has A6o, unfortunately I lose the race and a lot of my flexibility around the bubble. My exit hand comes not long after the bubble bursts, pushing A5 on the button with around 8BB's but running into AQ in the big blind and getting no help, blah!

Moorman ran golden on/around the bubble and then built up a big stack which put him amongst the leaders with 2 tables left. However in a massive confrontation with another friend of mine Sam trickett, moorman lost a huge pot in a weird hand. The video clip of the hand is here:

Shame that this wasn’t to be moorman's live breakthrough but that is just a matter of time imo. On the other hand Congrats to Sam trickett who ended up taking the whole thing down for about £95k, great player and a nice guy!

On the Sunday I played online, and as far as Sundays go it was very successful. I won an APPT Macau package on Doyle’s room worth $9k taking place at the beginning of September. I am going to Macau a little earlier though to play the $5k APT event which is the week before, when in Rome...... Also on the same Sunday I won a gukpt package on blue square, saving me £1k for the Blackpool event as well as coming 3rd in the $100r 1 a 6 max event on full tilt for little over $10k.

I have played a few FTOPS events over the last week, coming close on a couple of occasions, finishing 53rd in the $1k 6 max for $3750 as well as a deep run in the $2500 event, finishing 65th for just over $5k. I was cruising the whole time in the $2500 until the last 2 hours when I got into a couple of sticky situations including getting cold 4 bet on the very last hand of day 1, sigh. I came back for day 2 short and eventually bust with AJ vs 88, flop Axx, turn 8 (ty f.tilt)

Was hoping to make it to DTD this week for the deep stack festival but with too much to sort out at home before Macau I have unfortunately had to cancel that trip and will keep my DTD virginity for the time being. Hopefully the next update will be about my 2 deep runs in the APT and APPT Macau, here’s hoping, gl at the tables



Alex Martin said...

Gl in Macau m8, get lessons from flushy re. blind defence, the boy knows his shit lol!

Anonymous said...

I was on your starting table in Luton and I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt and putting myself in the rock category, although on reflection predictable easily fits too but I didn't want to get out of line too much on that table with the filth I was getting.
Good luck in Macau.

clarkatroid said...

hey pab, hook me up on msn m8. when you get a chance, i got an idea i want to share with you. cheers

Pab said...

ty alex, flushy obv the best and i have lots to learn, if it wasnt a mate i would have been fuming at that hand, lol.

anonymous - I can only think of 1 player on the starting table who was bad, so odds are youre not that guy. No need to get out of line and wsant criticising as i was also playing uber tight hence the dealer even giving me grief, gl in the future, whoever you are.