Monday, 25 August 2008


So, it’s like 8am on Monday morning, I haven’t slept all night and am on the train to Heathrow in order to catch my flight to Hong Kong and eventually end up in Macau in about 2 days time with the bloody time difference. Pretty exhausted, hoping to pass out for the majority of the plane journey, however it may provide an incoherent blog post, so apologies in advance.

Online I’ve been playing cash again, mainly on bambampoker (ipoker) and usually at 5/10nl or 3/6nl. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been running way below expectation in nearly every session and it gets pretty demoralising tbh and makes me not want to sit down and play, for people that know me I slack a lot on the hours anyway considering its my ‘job’. I was $15k down playing no higher than 5/10 up until about 4 days ago, then things started to turn and I clawed it all back by Saturday just gone, ;-) $16.5k upswing in 3 days roughly. Doubt I’ll be playing much more this month because of the first event in Macau, the APT. This is then closely followed by the APPT Macau. I hope to make deep runs in both and finally get a 6 figure score I’ve been within touching distance of so many times over the last 3 years or so.
Before the APPT even finishes the WCOOP will be underway, where I plan to play all of the NL events except the $10k hi roller and the $25k HU. If I have a touch in Macau ill probably play the $10k but no chance you will see me in the $25k HU. The prize pools will be immense for all the WCOOP events and once again i'll be chasing that 6 figure score, but as with the nature of tournaments it will likely be 18 days of heartbreak, lol.

Just a quick mention for all the GB team at the Olympics, was an absolute pleasure to watch and restored some national pride in sport once again. That’s about all for now, my train just pulling into kings cross so got to wrap this up. Anyone who has read my blog for a while will know I went to Macau last year but the trip was a disaster sorting money then getting food poisoning. This time I’m way more prepared and will hopefully to get experience Macau a lot more.


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Pud's Poker said...

Best of luck in Macau mate, fingers crossed for a huge score!