Monday, 2 June 2008

Warning, Long post!

So where to begin, a lot has happened over the last week and will try to remember as much of it as possible, but my memory isn't great at the best of times so ill see what happens, maybe a few edits/additions to this post over the next few days.

Our final night in Sydney was a quiet one as we were hungover from the day before, watching Leeds lose to Doncaster in the playoff final at 3am. Leeds is my team and always will be but Doncaster is my home town. They have had a remarkable run the last 5 years from the conference and don't begrudge them promotion one little bit, just hurts that it was at the expense of Leeds :-(

Went to the cinema to see the new Indiana Jones movie and oh my word it is quite honestly one of the worst films Ive ever seen. I wont spoil it for those that haven't seen it was truly ridiculous in my opinion. The next day saw us head off to Vegas, business class all the way I took full advantage of the the free alcohol available in the lounge before each flight and duly passed out for the duration.

The house in Vegas surpassed all expectations and is just amazing. I think we have made the right choice over a hotel. I have put all my pictures on facebook and will put a few here on here:

The first day we met up with moorman and allinstevie who arrived the day before and ended up having a pretty serious drinking session that night that ran through until 8am. Moorman then decides that sleep is for the weak and is gonna start playing tournaments again. Dave then bets him that he wont win a tournament with 100+ runners and $4k for 1st place. Moorman is still pissed so takes the bet getting LOL odds of 2-1 for $1k. I pass out on the sofa in the room he is playing randomly waking up and dishing out abuse to a weary moorman. allinstevie then goes to the shop and buys the biggest can pf energy drink ever that is a mix a loads of shit and had a hazardous warning on the label :

Moorman made 4 finals over the course of the day and lost HU in a $20 f/o that had 1284 runners when he had the guy all in 99 vs A9 for the win and the guy made quads, lol. Not phased he ploughed on and made the final of a $30r on full tilt before realising that 1st place was $14 short to meet the criteria of the bet. He played a complete schedule but didn't manage to ship a tournament losing $1k on the bet as well as the will to live. Even though he had been awake for 36hrs I still got owned on the pool table shortly after the final bust out, sigh.

The next day saw me play a half session again in tournaments and pull another blank leading to constant ribbing from moorman and stevie that I hadn't cashed in Vegas, sigh. At the end of the session we all ended up in the games room playing pool/drinking when moorman and stevie got into a argument about who gets to sit on the comfy office chair. see pic

Stevie was obviously not pleased that moorman shotgunned the chair and I suggested a HU SnG to decide who gets the chair then the other guy can reclaim it by shipping an online tournament. I dealt the SnG and was privy to all the folded cards and its safe to say NO-ONE runs as good as moorman and he ends up winning the tournament and initial rights to the chair in a cooler of a final hand. Pic of the champ with the winning hand :

The next day saw me make an impression on the online tournaments taking down a $163 f/o on F.tilt for $11500 ish as well as coming 3rd in the stars $100r for $7800, ship it! No-one else did anything significant so things obviously moved to the games room for drinking/pool/gambling. Dave was at the Rio playing live cash so me, moor and stevie played a tournament on moormans account while drinking/ playing pool. It was winner stays on at pool with the other guy taking control of the tournament. It was the $77 6 max on stars and we built a big stack pretty early but the JD and coke was flowing and we became more aggressive in the chat telling everyone to have it in the eye before we shoved on them. The 'In your eye' shout became the theme of the evening and got put in the chatbox too many times to recall. Somehow moorman shipped the tournament to many shouts of 'give him the pile', 'right in his eye'. As a result the 4 of us here have all changed our location on stars to 'In your eye' lol.

Today I woke up really tired and really hungover due to the previous nights 'In your eye' antics and embarked on the gruelling Sunday schedule. Absolutely nothing went right for me all day with a few minor cashes including the late 100r stars but eventually fizzled out into nothing. Stevie was deep in the ECOOP main event and the stars million at the same time eventually finishing around 15th in both. He busted within 5 mins of each other in both tournaments bringing the evening to a disappointing conclusion.

As far as live poker goes I have yet to play but we are all planning to play the $2k NLH hold em event on Wednesday and take it from there. A couple of us were contemplating the $1k rebuy on Tuesday but we are struggling to get our hands on cash out here at the moment but have a few things in the pipeline. That's about all for now, sorry for the long post and ill try to update more frequently and keep the entries more manageable.


ps, In your eye everybody, :-)


Pud's Poker said...

I was gutted that Leeds didn't go up with them being my team also. I've always had a soft spot for Donny and really wanted one of us to go up automatically and the other through the playoffs. Never mind,always domination next year!

In your eye!

TheHat said...

Place looks the shit pab, nice work. Post aint too long, kutgw.


sledge13 said...

Great post, keep em coming...looks a great pad.

Oh and I think we all know York City have always been the greatest team in YORKshire...;)

nhggfu said...

in ur eye. nice blog sir and GG 100k

Jason said...

Good Luck and and the pad is killer.