Sunday, 8 June 2008

Live Poker, meh

So I have played 3 WSOP events over the last few days but unfortunately have come up blank in all 3. The first event I played was the $2k NLH event, after an early setback I started to build chips and found myself at around 14k on the 2nd break and firmly in control of my table. Then a series of hands sent me crashing to the rail, I raised K9 and got flat called by a fairly short stack, the flop is 9 5 2 rainbow and he jams on my c-bet. I'm not thrilled but have to call and he tables 2 5 suited, nice call pre sir. A few orbits later I raise KQ blind on blind and have to call the shove from the BB who has AJ and holds. After this I move tables and play my first pot raising with 44 and getting called out the BB, The flop comes 345 and he check raises all in over my bet creating a 20k pot after Ive called, BB 300. He tables 57 and duly hits a 6 on the river to leave me with dust. I short stack for a while but jam A4 on the button into 66 and don't get there, meh.

My next event was the $1.5k short handed that went pretty badly tbh, starting with 60 BB's is pretty tough and i could win a pot, flopped 2 pair getting counterfeited, top pair getting out kicked, and finally 2 pair going down to a flush draw to send me home a little over 1 hour into the tournament. The only thing that cheered me up was arriving back to the house to see allinstevie already home after busting in 4 hands, lol weeeeeeeeeeeeee.

My next event was the 2.5k NLH event which had the largest starting stack to date, 100 BB's :-). I dint utilise this though and played pretty poorly in the first level dropping from 5k down to 2.8k as the blinds went up to 50/100. Then an odd situation came up where i opened AKs to 300 and it folded to the BB who is a good player from 2+2 and he thinks for a while, assesses my stack and eventually puts me all in. In my opinion his range is pretty polarised to TT, JJ, maybe QQ but its obvious we are flipping. I decide to take the race and brick against his JJ, sigh.

Online has been ok, not really put in a lot of volume but managed to pick up a 3rd place in the nightly 100k on stars for around $11.5k but I blew up 3 handed with the chip lead and squandered the chance to take it down. I played a half session of the Sunday online tournaments but soon regretted it and unregistered halfway through the session and started drinking instead. I had decided against playing the $1k venetian deep-stacked event that day as well, a mistake I wont make again this trip, fuck Sundays IMO.

Sunday night was Stevie's birthday and drinking in the house turned into an excursion the strip where more drinking ensued. Shots were flowing and a good time was had by all and we somehow ended up playing 1/2nl in Planet Hollywood until 10 am. Most of the hands are a blur but I owe Stevie $1k, lol. A McDonald's breakfast and a taxi home lead to us jumping in the pool on arrival back to the house before crashing out and making Monday a complete write off.

I played a full schedule today and was really struggling but then started to gain momentum in the ladbrokes daddy tournament. I really abused the bubble and used my stack to perfection from 2 tables out going into the final chip leader even after losing a pretty big race just before that. I sat back for a lot of the final and then opened up again 6 handed. I got lucky 3 handed with TT vs AA but spiked a ten and found myself heads up. After a bit of back n forth I eventually came out on top and pocketed a nice $18k for my troubles and some padding to the Vegas bankroll. For those that don't know the tournament is named after the previous weeks winner so good luck to everyone next week playing in badpab2's whose the daddy tournament. :-)

That's about all for now, its 10pm Vegas time and will be heading to bed shortly in preparation for the $5k NLH WSOP event tomorrow. I also intend to play a $2.5k event at the venetian on Friday unless I'm in the final of the 5k, lol. Hopefully I will make my first dinner break of Vegas 2008 in one of these tournaments.


Pud's Poker said...

Congratson the $18k score, very nice indeed.

Looks liek you have my AK luck because when I have AK it never hits but it always hits against me?

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