Friday, 23 May 2008

Last week in sydney, roll on vegas

This last week saw the culmination of the FTOPS series which was a washout for me, as usual. A few minor cashes but nothing to write home about, sigh. Ran pretty bad in tournaments elsewhere last weekend as well, hopefully getting it out of my system before Vegas and the prop bet with moorman.

My laptop busted the other day, needs a new screen so Ive had to buy my 4th in the last year and ship that 1 back home for repair. The last 2 days have been pretty degenerate because of the football, we woke up at 3am and went out drinking in preparation for the 5am kick off here. Was a pretty good game IMO and could have gone either way, I would have preferred Chelsea but no skin off my nose either way. Went back to sleep at 9am then was up at 3pm to get on it again for the leaving party of 2 of the guys I have been living with in Sydney, very messy.

Woke up this morning to play some tournaments but felt like death and have just moped around all day watching shit on you tube and napping occasionally, my work ethic is superb obviously. I am planning to get an early night and wake up to play some tournaments tomorrow including the first event of the ECOOP on Bam Bam poker (ipoker). The structures are not the best on ipoker but the standard is some of worst around so is worth taking my chances in the crapshooot. That's about all for now, next blog should be from Vegas with some pics of the house and the mugs that will be living there.


Pud's Poker said...

What manufacturer is your laptop? 4 in a year? Jesus! I've had this dinosaur of a Toshiba for 5 years now and despite a few keys being missing, the fact the battery dies within 30 seconds of unplugging it from the main it is otherwsie perfect!

Alex Martin said...

photo's of balla house or it didnt happen!

Candy said...

Keep up the good work.