Wednesday, 14 May 2008

More mtt's

Been playing mtt' all week and its taken until today to turn it round. Keeping records of cash games is easy with poker tracker but mtt's require me to manually enter buy ins and prizes in a spreadsheet. From the last time I blogged until today buy total buy ins for mtt's including rebuys is $31570, I was surprised the figure was so high. I was down all week, -$12k at my peak but 2 2nds and a 4th in the last 2 days has helped me turn it round to show a $3611 profit, lol.

My tournament scores for today were $7.7k for 2nd in the $100r on BamBam poker and $5.6k from a 4th place in the $50r on stars. I have manged to cash in the FTOPS on full tilt for the last 2 days with the buy ins being $1k and $600 respectively that has helped to keep costs down. I plan on playing the late starting tournaments tomorrow including the $300r 6 max FTOPS event which should be fun. After that its a couple of days off and back for the FTOPS biggie, $2.5k buy in 2 day event, wiiiiiiiiiiiii. I got good chips early in this event last time but ended up donking off to gigabet pretty horribly.

Thats about all for now, not long till vegas, :-)



Ukgatsby said...

gl in Vegas

Pab said...

cheers, 1 time etc...