Saturday, 2 February 2008

LOL donkaments

Well january ended pretty good showing $22k profit, which got me back on track after december. Then february came around and it has all gone tits up again on the cash front, $17.7k down in 2 days. A lot of that came in a 25/50 session yesterday, where i bluffed off a buy in and then recieved this little gem a few hands later.

Gave up after that and logged off, something I wasnt doing in december. Despite the fact it was a rough hand/cooler its still gonna have an effect on my play in the rest of the session so best to stop for the time being.

Ayway came back later in the night after some food and a nap, to play a few tournaments for a change of pace. f.tilt 162, ipoker 50r and 300f/o, and party 200 f/o. Never got going in full tilt and bubbled the 50r on ipoker. The 300f/o on ipoker was going along steadily when this card crash of a hand came up, talk about action flop. ---------- ugh

This just left the party $200 friday special, i plodded along for most of this comp and then went to work on the 2 bubble periods, the money bubble and the final table bubble. This put me in 2nd position once we started the final. All was going to plan, i was playing small pots, chipping up and then we were 5 handed. I had 340k, 2nd place had 250k and others had 70k/140k with the BB at 8k. For some reason I went after the 2nd place guy big time and it backfired with us gettin all in on the turn, me no pair no draw, obv, and him turned full house magic. Felt like a right twat after that but I still think going after the 2nd place guy was a good idea just needed to apply a bit more subtelty and deft. We get 3 handed and go on break, BB is gonna be 12k, I have 94k, leader has 700k, and other guy 240k. 240k wants to deal, I say no. After a bit of luck and some well timed pushes i was back level with the 240k guy and leader had 500k. Leader ends u bustig with me and the other guy taking about half his chips each so we start HU with equaly chips, me having a few k more. He says chop? Im really tired and there isnt that much play left in the structure so i agree, $9k which help offset the dismal cash session a little.

Funnily enough, the day before dave(geeforce1) had a 20k losing session on ipoker cash and then played a few tournaments later. He took down the 109r on stars for $20k to make him even for the day, lol


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