Monday, 11 February 2008

EPT warsaw

Just won a EPT warsaw seat on pokerstars via a step 6 sattlite. Really pleased to have a freeroll into a big live touranament as i love the events.

As far as cash goes it has been a pretty terrible month so far resulting in -$14k. I have been running really bad on ipoker but posting a list of HH's detailing my bad beats isnt gonna help me and am sure anyone reading this wont appreciate really either. I have been slowly trying to build a roll on party poker and helped with the $9k tournament win about 10 days about and my roll is about $15k there now.

I played all the sunday tournaments yesterday and have a sack load of hard luck stories that is inevitable, but talking about them in any detail is likely just to infuriate me again. I went deep in the betfair $100k even after losing a massive pot when some guy butchered QQ so horrible. I raise 3x to 600 utg with TT and this guy flats in the SB with QQ ad 11k stack behind. Flop comes 9 T J with 2 diamonds and he check raises my C bet to 3.5k, then insta calls when i shove, lol no fear. He obv gets there and im steaming. I grind along until we are 24 ppl left and I have 26k stack with 1.2k BB, folds to me in the Sb and I make it 3x, BB insta shoves with a stack a little bit bigger than mine. I snap call and get shown KT, he hits and I go out with no $$ instead of 3rd place and a bubble situation to abuse such a fine line.

Hope to turn round the cash games in the 2nd half of the month and also run deep in a FTOPS event. Have played 4 of them so far and am a little down, mainly due to being in the 100r for $1100, lol. Thats about all for now,


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