Wednesday, 6 February 2008

LOL donkaments - Part 2

Saturday and sunday were once again tournament days. Saturday I only played the early tournaments on stars, tilt and party. I had 3 cashes in the 100r stars, 300 f/o party and 300 6 max on f.tilt. On stars and tilt i lost multiple races at the business end and just wasnt to be. Party I was short for long periods and just never found good a good spot, o well thats how tournamets tend to go the majority of the time.

Sunday, where to begin. I handnt played a full sunday schedule for months due to unreliable internet connection and the awkward times of day for me in my current time zone. Since my body clock was a little more in tune and had access to a reliable net connection, I was set to go. Things started off really well with me building big stacks in the warm up and the party 300k. I bubbled party and finsihed about 220th in the warm up, for a huge return of $414 - lol. This however was to be my high point and it just seemed to get worse. A bubble in the $500 on party followed by this exit in the 100r :

Next comp to fall was a $109 f/o on stars, my AA falling to str8 draw all in on the flop. After this hand in the mulligan I maybe should have called it a night :

I was obviously getting frustrated at this point, as were geefroce on moorman, we had been on a 3 way msn convo all night moaning lol. My last tournament standing was the $162 freeeout on full tilt, this was the icing on the cake for the whole night :

A complete disaster of a night, a total of 14 tournamets, buy ins of $4.1k and the measely return of $414, weeeeeeeee.

Since that cash games have gone a little better, am $4k down for the month. Add my $9k tournamet score and minus the buy ins leaves me roughly even. Seems like a lot of work to be even but am happy after going early $18k down on day 1 this month but am happy at the speedy turnaround. I will be playing a few FTOPS events which starts tomorrow, mainly the short handed holdem events. Here is to pushing on into the black!


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Mike Bassett said...

Unlucky with the tourneys mate, but its only a matter of time before it all falls into place:)