Monday, 21 May 2007

A little about me

Ok, it seems everyone has a blog these days, ive made half hearted attempts before, but never really followed through with it. I hope this time will be different, as I want to reflect on my experience in Vegas later this year for the WSOP.

As im sure its apparent now, I play poker for a living, mainly online and sometimes live. It was never my plan to do this, and wasn’t even a conscious decision really. I went travelling for the last 6 months of 2005 after finishing university, then when I returned I was at a loose end. Before I left for travelling I was doing ok at poker, still on a completely recreational basis, but played a few tournaments online over the Christmas period and managed to get lucky and have a few nice cashes. While I was away, one of my friends I used to work with had made the decision to leave his job and have a crack at playing full-time, and he was going well. I started playing more and more, spending a lot of time talking about poker with my friend on msn, and my results continued getting better and better.

I sustained my online results all throughout 2006, also qualifying for 3 WPT events, WSOP 2006 and numerous events in the UK via Blue Square. At last years WSOP, I made the final table in the 6 handed $5k buy in event for around $85k and that’s when it dawned on me that this is what I was going to be doing for the foreseeable future. So far this year I played the Aussie millions and went pretty deep, finishing 35th and then had a good run at EPT Dortmund for a 24th place finish. I’m Hopeful that a big score is on the horizon in live poker, but as a player that isn’t sponsored i'm very careful not to over-extend myself with buy ins.

Online I play 10/20 nl cash mainly and usually have a run at the big buy in tournaments on the weekend. Have booked my trip to Vegas this year for the WSOP and will be playing quite a few side events from June 18th onwards, not decided if I’m playing the main event yet. That’s about it, hope at least one person will enjoy reading my blog, take it easy,



snoopy1239 said...

How do I win poker?

Daniel said...

Snoopy - you can't.

MrCy said...

Gambling at the WSOP is a thrilling experience.