Tuesday, 23 February 2010


And another ftops comes to a close and once again I’ve drawn a big old blank without even a sniff of a gold jersey. I had a really negative attitude heading into the ftops since I’ve never managed to do anything in the past 15 series or however many there has been. I think this probably had a detrimental effect to my play over the last 2 weeks and my results showed. Not really sure how to change this for the next one apart from trying to remain more positive and not get as easily frustrated when things are not going my way on the tables.

I am planning to stay in Australia with my friends for about another month so that should be good. I will be playing my normal weekly schedule instead of the ridiculous 14hr sessions every single day that ftops demanded. Looking forward to playing again without the burden of ftops hanging over me and getting back to winning ways, but that will be once I’ve had a lengthy break .......

The one good thing out of ftops was the charity bet I devised with Chris (moorman). Over the last couple of days I busted 2 of Chris’ horses and I busted to two of them. Chris also managed to knock me out of a tournament himself (sucked out obv) to force another $1k on to my total, sigh. I will be sorting out the donations later this week but we will be giving $10’000USD between us which is a pretty good result,

Me - $5’500 (£3543)

Chris $4500 (£2899)

As far as I’m aware the best charity to donate to in order to help the people of Haiti is the American red cross but if anyone knows otherwise please leave me a comment in the next few days, thanks



mATT said...

Great thing your doing when your donating to charity, keep up the good work at the tables.

Razboynik said...

Unlucky with FTOPS, but it's only a question of when.
Your donations to Charity are commendable.

Greekstein said...

Wow betting on bisping. Can you be more unshrewd please?

Nice work with the charity but if you want to make any more donations then we'll bet on UFC 111

Anonymous said...

Teenage cancer trust

Martin said...



seems to be the charity I've seen appeals from the most.

As Razboynik says, this is a fantastic effort.

Also, wp gg winning that tourney.

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