Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day 1 over

So today was the first day of ftops with event number 1 being a $200 freezeout that had a crazy amount of runners and had a first prize of $193k. I never got going and eventually lost a race with AK vs 88 a few levels after the antes came in. All of the other daily tournaments had inflated prize pools as a knock on effect of the FTOPS been on but i was unable to register any significant scores today.

It was a pretty eventful start to the charity bet between me and moorman though with me busting the UB $50 rebuy to one of horses. A little later in the session I busted the $117 super turbo to another one of his horses so my side of the best was up to $1k. Before today started, me and Chris agreed that is was $500 bounty's and then double if either of us knocked the other one out. Well as luck would have it we were drawn against each other in the hyper-turbo heads up on stars late at night. For those unfamiliar with this tournament you start HU with 10bb's each and running antes so not a lot of room to move... I got lucky and knocked him out meaning he now had to stump up $1k for charity. Very late on in the session I managed to knock another one of his horses out of the $30 rebuy on full tilt for another $500 to charity, Boom! Despite being very deep in the tournament I couldn't manage better than a very frustrating 14th place finish when it was $16k ftw!

So after the first day, which was only a half session really we have to donate the following amounts

Pab - $1000

Moorman - $1500

If this pace was to be sustained I'm sure we would both hit the $10k cap pretty quickly! Gonna be playing a full schedule again tomorrow so hopefully will get a decent score under my belt


woodie said...

How many heads does moorman stake out of interest?

Moorman1 said...

19 iirc