Sunday, 14 October 2007

Lack of updates.........

Not sure if anyone checks my blog regularly but for anyone that does I apologise for the lack of updates recently. I have been v.busy in Australia doing scuba diving, sailing trips and a Fraser island trips. On top of that i am obliged to get drunk most nights on these trips, leaving little time for playing poker.

September finished v.well for me overall with a few nice tournament cashes and a pretty good month playing cash. Unfortunately the few short sessions I've had so far in October have gone very badly. I don't have exact figures as i have been playing on computers in net cafes rather than my laptop as I've not come across many wireless hot spots. All my good work on party in September has been undone resulting in about a $20k downswing on there. Usually when I'm playing its in a crowded net cafe with too many distratctions and isn't ideal for playing high stakes cash games so ill be trying to stop that until i get somewhere more settled.

I'm planning to play a few of the $1k super satellites on full tilt to win a seat in the Aussie millions for January, but I will be playing that event regardless. That's about all i have to write now, ill try an keep updating regularly but I wont be into a proper poker routine again until mid November time.

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