Thursday, 18 October 2007

Good few days

Since my last post Ive turned around my poor start to October which is good news. I have reached Brisbane on my travels and will be hanging round here for a while because one of my mates is flying to NZ and back to sort a working visa for Australia as STA travel messed it up.

Yesterday I played the super Tuesday $1k tournament on stars and finished in 20th place, I was never a big stack going into the latter stages and the aggressiveness of my tables made it difficult to find a good spot without a premium hand. In the end I was on around 9 BB's and shoved 78 from the button into 2 stacks that couldn't call me with nothing as it was a fair % of their respective stacks. Unfortunately the SB woke up with TT and the flop was dry for me, the turn gave me a gutshot draw but needed a T to complete it, no miracles and it was over. I played for about 5 hours and got $2200 for m troubles whereas my mate was sat next to me playing 10/20nl the whole time and was up $10k, sigh.

Ive just finished my session on 10/20nl today and won close to $8k, the day before yesterday I was up around $14k for the day so things are getting back on track. The main issue at the moment is the fact that when I play poker the best action is on the ipoker network but my mate (geeforce1) who I'm travelling with also plays 10/20nl and we don't wanna play on the same tables so that's a bit of a ball ache. Tomorrow ill be taking my first shot at winning an Aussie millions seat from the $1k super satellite on full tilt.

Just like to wish Adam goulding (snoopy) hero updater for blonde and regular blogger, the best of luck for day 2 of the London GUKPT event after amassing a nice stack during day 1. Would wish moorman luck but the kipper is out already, lol

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snoopy1239 said...

Thx, man. I made the cash at least, just couldn't find that vital double up when everyone around me seemed to be getting big hands. I did what I could to survive, but in the last two days didn't find aces, kings or queens once, so it was always going to be tough.

Well done on your cash wins.