Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Running good

Since my last post, I have played a fair bit, mainly cash games, and have been running and playing well. I have been taking it easy on the PLO front though, still almost $4k up i that for the month. Since leaving thailand, I can now play on party poker again, and this proved useful with me booking a $10k win during my first session of 10/20. I witnessed some shocking play, the cream of the crop being some guy raising QQ to 70, the button re-raising to 300, I make it 920 with AA from SB, and the OR flat calls, lol. I push my remaining $1700 in on a low, all heart flop, he has me covered and snap calls with his QQ no heart, wp sir. I even recorded a win on stars 10/20 the next day winning 3 buy ins. Overall for the month I'm about $30k up on cash, so am very happy after last month turned out to be very ordinary.

On Sunday I played almost every tournament going, including a few super satellites to live events. My biggest cash would come in one of the first tournaments i started playing that day, the $1k buy in main event of the DTD online festival. I ended up taking 5th for $15k after losing AJ vs 22 all in pre-flop, I turned the A, but he rivered a 2, ugh. The structure of this event was excellent throughout and allowed for a lot of play, this was however until the final table. When we were 5 handed, only 2 of the players an M above 10 which is pretty ridiculous seeing as now is when the big jumps in money take place, 1st taking home $70k. This is disappointing to see in such a prestigious tournament, and tarnished a otherwise superb event. I think the main reason that it become like this was the numerous missing blind levels including, 500/1k, 1k/2k, 5k/10k, 10k/20k, as well as oversized antes IMO.

I have just finished playing a few tournaments today, cashing in the 100r on stars, and the nightly 100k. The main reason I was playing tournaments though was because of the 1k buy in on full tilt, which was going very well until the following hands took place.

The first hand was a strange one, I almost never make this call as it is usually spewing chips. On this occasion, I had been on this table with the player for a long time, and we had not tangled in any way, had not had any battles in the blinds. Then he makes this move which was just so random and out of the blue, that I couldn't see how he was strong, I trusted my instincts but it didnt work out for me


This was the very next hand, and it was time to go, lol


I plan on playing quite a lot over the next few days while i wait for 2 friends of mine to finish a diving trip then we start heading down the coast to sydney so my free time for playing will be pretty limited I imagine. Hoping to make 50k profit in cash for the month, which would be my best ever month since deciding to play predominately cash games instead of tournaments. A quick congratulations to Julian Thew who won the Plymouth GUKPT recently, a great result for a really nice guy, he also thinks i play really tight, lol,