Wednesday, 5 September 2007

August review, Promising september & PLO

August turned out pretty badly to be honest, I showed a whopping profit of $2k from playing cash games, but did enter a tournament on full tilt for $2.5k so no way I was in overall profit for the month but hey ho. I lost most money on stars 10/20nl about $12k, 6 buy ins, nothing catastrophic, but not what im hoping for. There were definately periods of the month when I was playing tilted, and lost more than I should have in particular sessions but thats the way it goes. I didnt put in a whole lot of hours until the last week, where I made a recovery to m stars account playing some 3/6nl and a little 5/10. The stars cash challenge I detailed in an earlier post is having to take a backburner atm due to the time zone im in. There are just no good games running when im available to play, so ill have to put that on hold until im in a time zone that allows me to play at busier times on stars.

September, all of 5 days old, has started well with me showing 5 figure profit, $9.9k from NLH, and about $3.5k from PLO. The PLO figure is only a guess as im currently downloading omaha PT to check the numbers. Learning PLO seems to be the fashionable thing to do now for a lot of the higher stakes players I talk to or read about. I dont aspire to play high stakes PLO, or make it my full time game as the swings can be brutal. However I would like to become more competent at the game, purely to add another string to my bow and give me wider game selection. This will help if either there are no good hold em games going, or if I simply fancy a change. Im watching some PLO videos from cardrunners and have been playing some 3/6 and 5/10 shorthanded. Some people may think that im starting at pretty high stakes for a PLO novice, but If the money doesnt really mean anything then I wont learn, just how I am.

The new series of High stakes poker has just started, and its a program I really enjoy watching. Anyone who hasnt seen it and fancy's watching cash game poker instead of the edited all in fests of the WPT broadcasts, I suggest you check it out on poker tube, or downlaod via a torrent site. Some of the banter is priceless, and some of the play form the rich amatuers is laughable, making for a thoroughly enjoyable show.

Should be gettin a new 17" macbook pro tomorrow so will have about a week to get that all set up with windows, poker tracker and Itunes before leaving for Australia on 13th September. Thats about all for now, should be putting in quite a few hours this week as my time spent playing will be scarce once I get to OZ, gl at the tables everyone,



M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Have a cracking time in Oz m8.

Say hello to Dave for me

Ukgatsby said...

Cheers for swap
Good Read. Linked you up.
Gl in Oz


M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Forget Stars m8, you know where to go ;)