Sunday, 21 March 2010

Whats going on

Firstly id like to thank the people for the kind comments on my last post :-) Its pretty hard to articulate a blog post when things are going bad without sounding too much like a moaning bastard but think I did an OK job lol. Been off donkaments and poker altogether since that post which has been a welcome break. I am currently in manila, Philippines and will be playing the APPT event tomorrow after winning a seat so hopefully Ive recharged my run good account.... Manila seems like a cool place although not done a lot of exploring yet, will save that for when I'm out of the main event. Planning to do a little travelling around the Philippines as Ive heard its a stunning place once you get out to the islands etc.. and should be able to squeeze in some scuba diving which is always a bonus. I intend to keep off the tournaments until I get back to the UK in mid-April apart from an odd Sunday session if I'm feeling in the mood.

Ill be playing GUKPT Manchester once I get back home and then EPT Monte Carlo (seat bink permitting) before doing my bollocks on the SCOOP. Will be posting twitter updates from the APPT,


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