Friday, 13 November 2009

Frustrating so far.......

Been too lazy to update on my progress for a couple of reasons, firstly poker hasn't been going that great since this started and Ive been playing long hours due to ftops and been exhausted every day once Ive done playing. I have had one deep run the FTOPS which was the $1k 6 max event but I managed to lose 4 all ins in 30 mins to finish a soul destroying 14th for $11k when first place paid $300k sdfghjksdfghjksdfghjkdfghj. I did manage to win a EPT Prague seat last Saturday so that was good but apart from that not much else has been going right. Have just unregistered for the later tournaments on Friday and am going to get drunk instead before the final 2 days of ftops with the $2500 buy in tomorrow and the $500 main event on Sunday. As far as the charity goes i have decided to donate to Children in need. Here are the standings so far

Final tables - 12 - $1200

Wins - 3 ( $100r stars for $13222, $50r UB for $4809, $77 turbo stars for $4649) 5% of these is $1134

Total so far is $2334

Hopefully I can add to this over the next 2 days with a couple of big wins......

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