Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Doubt its possible for me to run better

I have run ridiculously hot online for the last 3-4 weeks starting in Vegas with the UB 200k and tilt 100r on Sunday 28th June. Since getting home I have been catching up with family/friends etc... But still playing online a decent amount as well. I have been really struggling to sort a sleeping pattern since getting home as well; usually not sleeping for more than 3-4hrs at any one time but that isn’t too out of character for someone who plays poker for a living. Being back at home seems so quiet after living in Vegas for 3 months and it does make a refreshing change of pace, sort of, lol

Back to the poker, It feels as though I can do nothing wrong at the moment, winning key flips in big tournaments, being on the right end of coolers , making good calls/laydowns and getting there when I get in bad, all in all a pretty lethal combination. Following on from my good Sunday form in Vegas I managed to get 4th in the $100r on stars, Sunday 26th July for a tasty $32,302. The rest of the week was pretty quiet on the poker front until it kicked off this past weekend. On Saturday I made 2 final tables at the same time eventually finishing 2nd in both, sigh. One was the Stars $100 2r1a for $5500 and the second was the FTP $100r for $12,700 marking a pretty good start to the weekend.

On to Sunday and up until recently Sunday’s had been the Bain of my existence, promising so many opportunities but failing to deliver any real substance. Obviously that had changed in recent weeks but the best was yet to come as I bagged my biggest online score to date. After numerous final tables in the big 100r on stars I finally managed to take it down for a cool $78,342!!! I felt I played really great throughout, especially form the last 3-4 tables but received a huge slice of luck 4 handed when I got all in pre with JJ vs KK and binked a J on the river, oi oi. Heads up really tested my patience as the guy was constantly betting 5x pre or 3-4x the pot once we got to the flop and I wasn’t making a pair for what felt like hours. I eventually got the upper hand, and clinched the victory, :-)

I am hoping this rich vein of form continues into the upcoming FTOPS and WCOOP festivals and can bag some more big scores. I have also come out of obscurity to claim 2nd place in the UK rankings on pocketfives as well which is quite cool, although once I start travelling again my volume will drop significantly and those playing day in and day out will move back above me I’m sure. That’s about all for now, still undecided about playing GUKPT Luton this week, before heading off to Macau for the APT and APPT events.


Amatay said...

sicko Pab. great results, well played

M3boy's Poker Blog said...

Teach me ?!?

Fenix35 said...

wow amazing score! Nice one!

Tinca Tinca said...

Brilliant Pab long may it continue.

Pab said...

thanks all, :-)