Monday, 29 September 2008

WCOOP roundup and the aftermath

So, I had a few days off and came back to play tournaments on Friday 19th as it was the $500r 6 max WCOOP event. I never got a big stack in this event and grinded my tits off really and just creeped into the money finishing 76th place for $3200, I also bubbled the 2nd chance event, blah. Better luck was to be had on full tilt that day though as I made the final table of both $163 freezout events. I came 3rd and 4th in these totalling about $15k in prize money, :-)

Saturday was pretty brutal, I got screwed deep in the stars $50r as well as the f.tilt 100r. The saving grace for the night though was winning my $5200 WCOOP main event seat in the $300 super satellite.

I had several deep runs on Sunday including the Party $300k and the party $500 hi roller event but fell short of the final in both. I did however manage to final the early $100r but came to the table short-stacked and was hanging on for a while before choosing this spot to gamble:

Such bricks on the river, ty pokerstars. Did get just shy of $12 for my efforts though

The wcoop main event was really a non-starter for me; I treaded water for a couple of hours before eventually 3 barrelling off my stack, wp pab, lol. The $1k 2nd chance event went a little better thanks to this pot pretty early on: very well played sir

Any thoughts I had of running over the table were quickly scuppered when I got owned here, not a lot I can do about this, I must have a tell:

I could never really get anything going at the business end of the comp though ad ended up 1 tabling it for around 3 hours struggling to stay awake, eventually busting about 8am for $2440, in my eye.

Monday was a half session as I was still pretty tired from Sunday’s exploits and stopped registering by 9pm. I did however go deep in the f.tilt 22k only to run into the golden MoormanI account, sigh:

This was with like 16 left so he obviously went on to win the tournament for $6k. Tuesday was a disaster of a day, with only 2 minor scores to show for a near full session :-( At the end of the night me and moorman were both 1 tabling the late $30r on f.tilt. Plenty of shit was been talked on msn with flushy in the conversation as well before this pot came up:

I had T6s, lol and should have either shoved the river to stop him doing that or checked and maybe hero called a bet. After I made that bet on the river and he still shoved I didn’t see how he could be bluffing............................... owned

I just played the later tournaments on Wednesday and thought I was going to fire another blank again until I started to go deep in the $100r. I was one of the shorter stacks from when we made the money until the final table formed, but I was still in which is all that matters. I folded for a while, and then got a timely double up with TT vs. 99. After that I literally did nothing while one player took most of the other players out and we were soon left 3 handed with me and other guy having about 300k stacks and the chip leader having over 1m. I donked some to the chip leader but then doubled vs. the other guy who the chip leader eventually finished off and I found myself HU but with a huge chip deficit. A quick double up though and we were more even and start trading blows for a while going back and forth. We eventually get into a pretty big hand all in preflop, I have A8s and he has KK but I get there, ;-) From then on it was pretty much a formality and I took the whole thing down for $29600, send!

I took Thursday and Friday off from poker and just got drunk with mates and went round town. I was still feeling worse for wear when Saturday night rolled around so just played a few comps, nowhere near a full schedule. I messed up a couple of big stacks in the tilt $300 6 max, tilt $100r and stars $50r. In the stars $50r I managed to play an 80BB pot with no pair no draw with 40 people left, weeeeeeeeeeeee. I blame a combination of tiredness and still been hungover but whatever. The only hand that bothered me was from the $200 Omaha comp on f.tilt. Can anyone confirm this is terrible from my opponent or am I just an Omaha noob?

Just finished a full schedule of Sunday tournaments today and I was very much the ‘nearly’ man all evening. I came 4th in the betfair $55k for $4.5k but lost a CL pot with 5 left AJ < KQ. 57th in sunday million:

I hadn’t done anything on this table, we had no history, but he beat me in the pot, fucking KQ everytime!!

Made a decent run at the late 100r also but bust 15th going pretty card dead at a critical stage and getting shoved on everytime I opened light, blah.

Heading down to London on Tuesday to play the EPT so hopefully can run good in the live arena again. Just like to congratulate RookieITB who shipped the brawl on f.tilt for $73k tonight, and also congratulate luckbox flushy who stakes him, lol. Also good luck to moorman who had made day 2 of the WSOPE, one time etc......................


Homer said...

PLO hand is just insanely unlucky. He's obv a donk.

Amatay said...

funny write up m8. some nice results in there. siik call with those 44's. Also fold ur kk pre to the moorman acc ffs.

SnipeR said... was sick vvul...but good blog mate and some nice results..wd.

gameflawless said...

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